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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The High Cost of Rehab

Bob's caseworker was here this past week. She told me that Bob's home care was approved through the end of February, and after that, she did not know, but did not think it would be approved. (Approval is via the Medicare insurance.) At that point, he will need to continue therapy in Outpatient Rehab with all three therapists (Speech, Physical and Occupational) and that he needs to see each of these therapists three times a week..... O-kay. I checked his benefits and find that each visit will cost us a $30.00/copay.

Yikes. That's $270/week.

I did ask that she refer me to a Social Worker at their agency. There is one hospital in town that is not-for-profit and I'm hoping they can help us out as they sometimes do "charitable write-offs". Otherwise, we'll never be able to afford this.

And I hate to think what will happen to him if we can't afford to continue his therapy.

A social worker is supposed to contact me. But my stomach is all in knots....

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