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Friday, February 3, 2012

Brain Block

Here's another left-handed drawing by my formerly right-handed artist:

Brain Block
(click to enlarge)
Bob tells me that he has "one and one-half brains", by which I believe he means one undamaged hemisphere and one-half of the other hemisphere is undamaged. (Which I am quite glad to hear as the doctors said only 20% of his left hemisphere was undamaged!) The damaged part of his brain, he calls his "Brain Block" and the above is his artistic vision of that part of his brain.

Bob loves to hear comments on his artwork, so feel free to leave one for him and I will certainly pass it along.


Jenn said...

It's so cool to see what you're seeing, Bob.
What I see is a man holding up one (left) side of drawing - arms like Atlas - while his legs stand their ground on the right side (of the picture). I always see a man in most of the recent drawings.
These are fascinating.
I wonder what parts of Bob's brain have become activated in response to the stroke.....most interesting. Yes. Indeed.

Jenn said...

The man is at the bottom. His knees are bent (right side). Don't see it? Turn the drawing to the right.

Rebecca said...

Tell Bob about collateral sprouting. The brain grows new connections that go around the holes created by a stroke.

Barb Polan said...

Bob: What a wonderful sense of motion you convey in this drawing.

When I to enjoy art, I marvel at how the artist DID that. It's sort of a study of the mechanics behind what created it.

I think the motion comes from the running legs; in fact it looks as though the legs are running faster than the bodies can keep up.

Nikki said...

It looks to me like a bunch of pipes connected haphazardly, as if they aren't connected in just the right way to do their job properly.

Anonymous said...

After a stroke, the brain tries to reconnect "broken and lost" pathways at the cellular level. As I look at this picture, that is what I'm seeing. Keep drawing Bob.