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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Here's another strange, surreal drawing by my formerly right-handed, now left-handed artist. This one he calls "Eye".  He told me that he thought this drawing was "trippy".

(click to enlarge)
All righty. I have no clue what this drawing means or what it is. Maybe someone out there can figure it out! Though it is extremely intricate and he spent a heck of a lot of time on it.... such details! And it certainly is "trippy".


Jenn said...

I see "Bob" written in the face of image left of center man atop lower peak, and the letter B in the object that looks to me like a cannon further left. His drawings are getting bigger, spanning further outward. With his name written in the middle, it makes me think his brain is that expanding. Becoming more and more aware, more and more able to reach out...
As I continue to gaze at the picture, I see animals, wheels, a man climbing to the top, and other whimsey. I really enjoy his art.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing!!!! So intricate...I love it..keep it up Bob

metalgirl162002 said...

It looks like a lot of mountains and machinery, like a mine or something.

sleddog said...

It makes me think of natural disasters, like "eye of the storm." The mountain reminds me of a volcano, and the stuff across the top looks like a fault line opening up in an earthquake.

Karen Anne said...

I see an eye in almost the center of the drawing. The center of the drawing not counting the title part, and just slightly to the left of center. Maybe the amazing complexity is saying the eye is trying to sort out a lot of input.