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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Physical Therapy Approved!

I am happy to report that the insurance company has approved Bob for 6-8 weeks of physical therapy at home. We had his "evaluation" today (yes, on a Sunday) and will be receiving two visits per week for the next six weeks for sure with the possibility of adding an additional two weeks after that.

So I am happy. Real happy. But I am also rather pissed....

Because why the heck did Bob's primary care doctor tell me that the insurance would not pay for any more therapy and refuse to order it? And why the heck did the therapist at Outpatient Rehab tell me that Bob could not get any more therapy until he could stand up without the assistance of the parallel bar?

What the hell is wrong with these people??!!!!!

Well, I'm glad I didn't give up asking for therapy and I went over the primary doctor's head and asked Bob's neurologist about it, as it was the neuro doc who ordered it.

The therapist today watched Bob walk at the rail and was amazed at Bob's ability to move his right leg. He agreed with me that Bob needs to get more trunk strength and also more weight bearing strength on his right leg. He has some ideas on how to do this and it looks like we'll have our work cut out for us in the coming weeks!

Tomorrow though, it's margarita time for me!


Rebecca said...

Wahoo! Being surrounded by positive energy is great.

Anonymous said...

That is such great news to hear.

I would have to guess that Bob's primary doctor and former therapist was just "assuming" insurance wouldn't cover in home physical therapy.

Never give up!!. You and Bob just continue to amaze. Hugs, Dan

Linda said...

Well thank-goodness! At long last!
See all that work is paying off?.. it shows to the physio guy!!

I am SO glad your perseverance in getting help is paying off!

Barb Polan said...


I have found that medical pros are very negative about whether insurance companies will cover something; I have been told many times that what I do won't be covered, yet it was.

You and Bob both have the perseverance to get it done, so congratulations.

Sara G said...

That is great news! I can't wait for my insurance to kick in to get more therapy.

Keep it up Bob! We are cheering you on with each step!

Anonymous said...
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