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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Special Visit for Bob

Aunt Mary, Bob & Uncle Dick
Bob's Aunt Mary and Uncle Dick spend a couple months in Orlando, Florida each winter and managed to drive over to see Bob and me three times while they were there.

This photo taken yesterday. They are on their way back home this week.

Last year they weren't able to make their yearly Florida sojourn due to some medical issues of their own. So we both were delighted to see them!

Bob was especially thrilled! This was the first visit from his side of the family since he was hospitalized.

Uncle Dick tests Bob's pushing strength.
Bob got to show off his walking skills at the railing the hall. And demonstrate his other exercises for them.

Dick even tried his hand at a little PT.

Other good news: This past week, Bob suddenly is able to push with his right leg. As if those muscles have come alive!

The first few times I tried to get Bob to push back at me, while I pushed his leg forward, he couldn't do it at all. I could feel no resistance, none, na da. Then, on Friday, I felt a bit of resistance, a little push. And on Saturday, he pushed me so hard I practically fell backward!!! Afterward, my shoulder hurt like heck. Now, we need to work on not just pushing his leg down, but pulling it back up.


Jenn said...

Holy moly! Most excellent!!!!!

Linda said...

How wonderful that you had a visit!

Progress with the leg! Fantastic! Next time you will brace yourself for that kick back. Sorry you hurt your shoulder but it must have felt wonderful in your heart!

Barb Polan said...

Wonderful . And he will continue making progress. We do the little things day after day with little change and, then, voila - there's something new we can do.

Anonymous said...

Such great news all around. A wonderful family visit, and the sudden fantastic ability to push back with his right leg. I know how those improvements can sure raise our spirits. Hugs, Dan