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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ST Bails Out

Yesterday, Speech Therapy discharged Bob. I knew this was coming, so it wasn't a surprise, and I suppose I could've stopped it, begged for more sessions, but really, I am to the point of throwing my hands up in frustration about the whole Speech Therapy thing. And, on top of it, Bob didn't really care for this ST, he said she's (and I quote) "weird."

What's it take to find a good ST these days? Seems Bob has had a run of 6 bad ones in a row. Is there even such a thing as a "good ST"? (By that, I mean someone who can actually help him speak properly again?) Or is it just the same old, same old stuff over and over? I tell you, if I hear those stupid, standard ST questions again, I'm going to flip my lid. I'm talking about these:

What do you do with a comb?
What do you do with a spoon?
What do you do with a pillow?

To which Bob always answers in gestures, i.e. makes the motion of combing his hair, etc. and the ST oohs and aahs because by golly, Bob understands the questions! Whoo hoo.

Blah. I tell you, I'm sick of it. Every single ST has asked Bob these same exact questions. They must teach it in Speech Therapy 101.

This ST said she was going to work on MIT, Melodic Intonation Therapy, but what she did was print off a copy of an article about the therapy and hand it to me. ha! So I asked her to please demonstrate, which she did, exactly one time. And then she went back into her bag of tricks and pulled out:

What do you do with a fork?
What do you do with a banana?
What do you do with a broom?

Well, I'd like to tell her what she can do with that broom...

So, off she went yesterday, more than likely to her other patients where she will ask the same silly questions over and over. To that I say, goodbye and good riddance. Because Bob doesn't need that kind of therapy.

I suppose I shouldn't be so totally down on her as she did teach me two little tricks. One of which is to touch Bob physically when he perseverates, which does seem to "unstick" his brain. The other is projection, by which I mean Bob projecting his voice, which does make him easier to understand. So, six sessions, two tips. End of story.

I guess I'm still not in a great mood because --

The Green Machine
 Yes, she's still in the shop. Bubba e-mailed me this picture, in case I was lonely....


Rebecca Dutton said...

I got this kind of cookbook therapy in PT last summer. With some tears I was able to express my concerns and ask for a therapist I saw once who impressed me. She turned out to be everything I hoped for. When you are not so stressed by the Green Machine being in the shop and Bob is ready for another challenge, you might think about asking for the 1st ST who evaluated Bob. You both deserve to be surrounded by therapists who do more than point out Bob's deficits.

oc1dean said...

Your therapist has a box to put patients in. And in that box are all the same protocols she learned. If you need a different sized box, well too bad. I'm not going to spend any brainpower trying to figure out an individual approach. And the real problem is that they don't know why or how patients recover.

Grace Carpenter said...

I had some great therapists, but an aphasia group was the most helpful of all.

I know you guys are homebound (especially now, with your car in the garage). But I do wonder if there's any way for you to attend an aphasia support group--for Bob *and* you--at some time.

I know, that's probably pie-in-the-sky right now.

Anonymous said...

Love that picture! I truly hope the green machine returns soon my friend.

As for that ST well you know what I would say......"Don't let the door hit you in the behind" LOL.

Luv, Whya (yah she's back)

Linda said...

So did her discharging him cut off the insurance for it? or can you pick it up again later this year?

We had a little Wednesday aphasia group for a long time. The group got together, watched some video and had a discussion group about the video.

At least everyone is understanding and pretty darn patient waiting for speech. Maybe even a volunteer visitor that would come and talk with Bob and encourage Bob to talk back. Or maybe a volunteer reader?

Anonymous said...

Since I am dealing with PT's and OT's I see the same training. They use exactly the same proceedures, tools, equipment, and stradegy whether in the NH or at home with new therapists. I suspect the ST's follow the same training no matter where they school. It seems that each patient is treated the same, regardless of differences, and that is what they ignore....differences. A one track mind for the therapists. It takes time, but in the end we need to find the therapist that recognizes those differences and works with the patient instead of their training. Good luck, and lots of hugs. Dan

metalgirl162002 said...

Aww! I hope you get the Green Machine back soon!

Anonymous said...

Diane, you need to get a wheeled cart for times like this. Uncle Arnie and I have one for when we go to flea markets. We paid $15 for it and it sure comes in handy. They have them at Walmart I think. Love, Aunt Rose

oc1dean said...

Diane, read this blogger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane
This is richard wilkinson from arizona. originally from england came to the states in 1982. Through what i now believe was divine guidance, married Margaret in 1983 and since my stroke in september 2009 she has become my guardian angel ( always has been ). however i follow several stroke related blogs and read yous daily. here's a link to something that i hope you may find helpful
perhaps i should not post this publicly but please feel free to email me at
say hi to bob for me and should we ever make it to florida would love to meet you both.Cheers