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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bob Stretches His Neck

Funny thing is that the neurologist said there was absolutely nothing that could be done for Bob's Head Drop Syndrome or "Cervical Dystonia" as he called it but lo and behold, count him as another doctor who doesn't know everything...

The OT came for a visit early this morning and the first thing she did was put Bob in this rather scary looking position. Which pretty much freaked me out.

She said that tipping the wheelchair like this would take pressure off his back and spine.

Then she began a series of gentle head tilting and neck stretching exercises.
 Some of which did not look too comfortable.... Poor guy....

But he took it well, without a single complaint.

She wants me to start doing these exercises with him daily.

So now I have a new duty to add to my ever-expanding list of duties. 
Can someone tell me where to find an extra hour every day?


Anonymous said...

Wow...that did indeed look like a scarey position, but you know...finally you're getting some good help. I'm so glad. That OT sounds like she knows what Bob needs. It's about time.

I know how little extra time you have D. but I also know how determined you are. I have every reason to believe you and Bob are going to be doing those daily exercises. And you'll do great !!!

Hugs, Patricia

Susan (Willowangel) said...

Diane, I award you an extra hour every day to exercise with Bob.
This award I give to you because of your constant bravery through the trials of life. So, massage your husband and whisper sweet nothings in his ear, then put on your nightgown, turn up the music, and dance away!!!

barbpolan said...

Diane: Since you asked where the extra hour comes from, can you look through your very long list of tasks and prioritize them? Then pick the most important ones to keep. If something is not effective or works on something not very important, can you eliminate that or reduce the amount of time you spend on it?

At this point, you are managing Bob's care and can rely on your own insight about what he needs.

It's great that you found an OT who is willing to take an unconventional and active approach.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can keep that OT coming for many sessions. It appears to me she is extremely knowledgable and willing to work some magic of her own, regardless of what the doctor says. I know time is at a premium, but I also know you'll find it for Bob, because that is who you are.....a dedicated and loving caregiver. Hugs, Dan

Jenn said...

Q: Why does Bob need overnight feeding?
Q: Is there another type of food fortified with enough nutrients to sustain him without evening feedings?
Wondering: Why communication is so piss poor in the medical industry.
Thinking: The neck brace should most certainly be tried on before it heads home. There's no good reason it can't be. Hygenically, bring a thin thin thin piece of fabric, tissue paper (even the kind left over from gift bags). I've sure had enough of the crap doled out to you guys. I'ma come down and smack-a-dab-a-doo them all!!! grrrrrr

Rebecca Dutton said...

I'm so glad you are not alone when dealing with this neck problem. I hope the exercises make Bob feel better. When therapists overloaded me with exercises I typed up a list of exercises I was doing. Now I show them the list and ask them to add only exercises that are really important. AAfter they see my list they cut their recommendations from 4-5 to 1-2. Therapists forget they eventually have to delete exercises before adding new ones. It's less stressful to have therapists help you decide what to delete.

metalgirl162002 said...

I hope these exercizes help him out!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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