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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On The Road Again

Home Again!
Finally, The Green Machine is home! And what a beautiful sight to see her parked in the driveway where she belongs!

Bubba dropped her off last night. He told me if he had charged his regular rates, the labor alone would been over $1000.00.  God love him, he's not charging me for labor at all. He said he wanted to do something for Bob and me. He and Bob have been friends for nearly 15 years.

Bubba told me he feels it's so unfair. He said, "You see all these jerks out there, being complete assholes, and they have all the luck, all the money and are healthy as horses. Then you see Bob, one of the nicest guys I've ever known, and this happens to him. It's just not fair." He says it makes him wonder if there is a God.

I told him, regardless, he's certainly an angel.

So I am back on the road!  Whoo hoo!! It's been a darn long four weeks without wheels. So if you see me and The Green Machine on the road, give a wave! (I'd honk, but the horn don't work!) You'll know it's me because there are not many green 1973 Dart Swingers out there, especially one with this vintage bumper sticker:


metalgirl162002 said...

Yay! The Green Machine is running again!

Anonymous said...

D. You made me laugh out loud !!!Thanks. Sooooo happy for you.....and yes if I saw you going by in the Green Machine I would give you a big "Go D." wave.

Love, Patricia / Gwen

Anonymous said...

Great news, and so happy for you. You have wheels again, and for being 39 years old, the body is in remarkable condition for a Dodge of that era. Hugs, Dan

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add....Dodge is re-introducing the Dodge Dart late this summer for 2013. Dan

Helen M - Wisconsin said...

Hey Diane. Glad to hear the car is back. Karen said you had a good conversation tonight. You could save $ if you Skype via computer. I believe you can make free calls using Skype, regardless of having camera or not. Please check it out. I'm glad I have a computer. It has come in handy with my cockatiel who is being broody again and possibly double clutching. I did order plastic eggs just in case. My thoughts are with you and Bob. I saw artwork from an established artist that looked like what Bob draws. I should have sent it to you.

Tami said...

LOVE the car!! The bumpersticker just makes it :)
Glad to hear that you are back to driving. I can't even imagine 1 day with out a car...
Drive safe!

Your cousin,