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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Bob at the Parallel Bars
That's the good news here at The Pink House this week. Bob passed his first evaluation at Outpatient Rehab for Physical and Occupational Therapy. The evaluator was pleased with Bob's progress and another month of therapy sessions is being scheduled.

Bob was able to walk three times at the parallel bars on Friday with the evaluator, which is a big leap from the original three or four shaky steps, though as you can see on this picture, he is still leaning too far to the left and still requires two therapists to hold him up.

Bob at the Standing Machine
Bob also managed to handle 8 minutes in the standing machine. And he was able to hold his head up for the count of five.

I am pleased with these new therapists, especially Peter, who is one upbeat and positive thinking PT.  Peter told Bob that the goal is to be able to "walk over to that standing machine and stick your tongue out at it!"

I love it, and fingers crossed, he'll keep progressing.


Rebecca Dutton said...

Bob looks so good in the standing machine.

Kelsae said...

Sounds like Bob has some pretty awesome therapists. My husband had to do those parallel bars all the time when he was in in-patient and he hated them, I suspect because he was tired of being man handled by a bunch of PT's :)

Anonymous said...

God Luv ya girl - keep on pushing and encouraging him. It also helps you to feel like there is progress. Big hugs to both of you.


Anonymous said...

I love the attitude of the PT and what he told Bob. Nothing beats a good therapist because they can motivate so well and aren't afraid to go off plan a little bit to accommodate their patient. The improvement is impressive. Hugs and prayers, Dan

Anonymous said...

What joy for you...Brought tears to my eyes.....