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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Connecting The Dots

Last week, we went to see Dr. P., Bob's endocrinologist. The appointment went like this:

Dr. P. (enters the room):  Well, hello Robert! How are you, today?

Bob:  I'm mighty fine. How are you?

Dr. P:  Not so good, these hemroids are killing me. You won't mind if I stand up while I talk to you?

Bob:  No.

Dr. P:  So who are you routing for? The east coast or west coast?

Me: thinking: huh?

Bob:  East coast.

Dr. P:  So, you're a Raven's fan.

Me: thinking: Ravens? (Sorry, Bob and I don't watch TV, don't follow sports at all.)

Bob: (long pause).... Oh! Football!..... um, um,.....Green Bay!

Dr. P. (looks at me):  Green Bay?

Me:  He's thinking of the Green Bay Packers. We're from Wisconsin, originally.

Dr. P.:  Wisconsin, eh? Boy, that's way up north. Cold up there, I bet.

Bob:  Freezing!

Dr. P.:  So, you're a big football fan?

Bob:  No way!

Dr. P.:  (laughs) I don't like football that much either. (opens the chart) Well, let's see here. Last time you were in, your arm was really bothering you. How's that arm doing today?

Bob:  Better.

Dr. P.:  Good! Anything new you wanted to discuss with me?

Bob:  No.

Dr. P. (sits down then stands back up):  Oh damn these hemroids! I can't even sit down today. And don't even ask about going to the bathroom. God, a person doesn't appreciate how good it is to be healthy, until you're not.

Bob:  Exactly.

Dr. P.:  Well, all the blood work looks good. (closes the chart) So I'll see you again in six months, OK?

Bob:  Okey dokey.

Dr. P.:  Good to see you, Robert. (shakes Bob's hand)

Bob:  Good to see you, too.

I tell you, I was completely floored. Because that was the first time we've gone to a doctor's office and Bob did all the talking! And he was able to follow the conversation even when the doctor jumped from subject to subject.  Wow.

I do believe his brain is finally connecting the dots.


barbpoln said...

Congrats on not having to speak for Bob. It's great that he held the conversation all on his own, but too bad the conversation was with such an insensitive idiot.

Anonymous said...

Good for Bob. The hard work and the love you have for each other is showing in his improved abilities. Looking forward to hearing about more improvements.
Hugs, Dan

cheri said...

that's pretty cool! dr. hemmerhoid sounds like a real joker! tell him he should eat his vegetables!

Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes Diane. So happy for ya'll. You need some brightness in your life, with all that you have been and are going through.

Keep strong and keep smiling :)
Trudy from Texas

Grace Carpenter said...

You really made me laugh! And what a milestone for Bob to do all the talking. Wow. I'm always amazed how the parts of the brain can keep recovering, in spite of all the awful stuff.

P.S. I don't know if you can get WEDU in your part of the state, but just in case--the film about aphasia, "After Words," is going to air on PBS on Sunday at 9pm.

Rebecca Dutton said...

All I can say is WAHOOOOO.

GirlWithTheCane said...

Great news! :)