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Saturday, April 6, 2013

It was a Dark and Stormy Day....

The kind of day that you just want to stay inside
and watch horror movies but...
Bob had a doctor's appointment.
Three blocks away.
I had planned to push him there in the wheelchair.

Of course, the old brick street in front of our house was flooded.
And I would have cancelled that appointment but--
the doctor has an evil policy
and if you reschedule two appts. in a row,
they charge you $50.00....
and I had already rescheduled his last appointment.

So we geared up. I had bought a couple of rain
ponchos last year. This was the first time we used them.
I bought them because it is darn near impossible to carry an umbrella and push a wheelchair.
I tell you, I laughed out loud when we put them on.
As we looked like a couple of dorks wearing trash bags.
Oh my, I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing such a get-up a few years ago....

So we went.
It was thundering and lightening.
The wind kept blowing the hood of that poncho over my face.
And I couldn't see a thing.
And why is it that there is always a deep puddle at curb cuts for wheelchairs? Even where the rest of the street is dry?
But we got there. A bit drenched.

Though I do think these rain ponchos will make a good
Halloween costume.
All we need now are a couple of blood stained hatchets to carry with us....

As Bob used to always tell me: "Life is an adventure!"


Anonymous said...

I can sure identify with your rainy day commute. My wife's primary doctor was also 3 blocks away, and I convinced her one day to just let me push her in the wheel chair to the doctor. Just a light shower at the time, so I placed two poncho's on her, the first hanging mainly over her back and the back of the wheel chair, and the other to the front to cover her front and lap. I just put on a rain proof wind breaker and away we went. About half way to the doctors, the sky let loose with a down pour. That was the last time I wheeled her to the doctors office if there was even a hint of rain in the area.

I do hope Bob enjoyed the trip, and had a good doctors visit.

Hugs and prayers, Dan

J.L. Murphey said...

Bob is right. Life is an adventure! You either take the bull by the horns or get trampled by it.

I find that easy on easy off does have its drawbacks. Nice pictostory.

You have nice doctors mine charge $25 for each appointment not shown up for unless you cancel the appoint 24 hours before. It can be really difficult when you are gauging pain, breathing, and heart activity two hours before you go anywhere on any given day.

Rebecca Dutton said...

Medical bills are the most common reason people go into debt so I can totally relate to this story.

Jenn said...

Don'tchya love a dual duty rain poncho? LOLz
***Cheers to you 'adventurous' (albeit financially forced) spirits!!! : )