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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Word Verification

I am sorry but I am putting the Word Verification thing up again to add comments. I tried it without for a few weeks and I had some complaints as it was hard to leave comments. I thought if I took if off, hey, I'd get more comments! Which would be great! Because comments make my day. Get me through. Keep me going.

But I didn't get anymore comments than usual.  At least not legit comments.

Today I deleted 36 comments most of which were from pornflix and anal/ and screw/huge/babes and stuff about hotchicks and all sorts of awful things that even mentioned dogs...... and believe me, I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS.

So the word verification is back up. Sorry everyone. Please understand. My life is already too darn stressful.

If you can't read the word verification, there is a round arrow you can click on to give you another picture.

And you can e-mail through my profile, if all else fails.


J.L. Murphey said...

Diane, Change your settings from anyone to have an account. It will eliminate most of the spams. Unfortunately that leaves Dan out from commenting.

I was averaging 250 spams per week before I did this. Now Dan will show up under your spam folder and you can put him as "not spam" when you find him.

It's okay because they have changed the captcha back to letters again instead of those blasted pictures of numbers. I'll still comment until you block me.

Diane said...

Oh good, I'm glad to hear those blasted pictures of numbers are gone!!! I hated those too!

Rebecca Dutton said...

Every one uses word verification so don't feel guilty about doing it too.

SSTattler said...

I started with out "Word Verification" but I got lots comments porn... etc. I turn it ON and very few bad comments - I have to review the comments but that is trivial and usual 99% it OK.

regards / John A.