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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lazy Days

Bob & Ripley chilling out on a lazy day..
I hate to say that I am probably exhibiting all 10 (or 12? or 15?) signs/symptoms of "caregiver burnout".

I just don't have the energy for much lately.

Except the basics: you know, feeding tube, medications, bathe, dress, empty pee buckets and change catheters and diapers and bedpans. And, of course, laundry, there is always laundry.

And since Bob has not been wanting to do any therapy exercises, I've been sort of in a lazy mood... and not doing much besides those basic needs. Not even blogging as much as I used to. Which is probably a bad sign...

And don't you just love those websites on "caregiver burnout" which tell you (the burnt out caregiver) to "Go get a massage!" to which I say, "HA HA HA!" or "Take the day off!" (Another Ha ha ha!) or "Ask family/friends for help!" (With the exception of Chris, Ha ha ha! again. As family is 1400 miles away) and, of course, "Hire help!" HA HA HA!!!! All I can say is, that's easy for you to say.... I suppose caregiving is easier when one is rich.

But I must say that I am glad to see Ripley back on the bed with Bob. Ripley used to be Bob's constant companion until he got peed on one too many times. Thanks to the condom catheter, Ripley finds the hospital bed is safe again. That is, as long as those darn catheters don't explode....

This week, we have three different doctors appointments scheduled, so I will have to get out of the "lazy day mode" for a while. But still today, it's bed bath, wash his hair, meds, then a movie until more meds, fill up/start up feeding tube pump, change for bed, empty catheter, connect night catheter, etc...

And that's a "lazy day" and I am exhausted just thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

Diane,Wish I could just give you a Big Hug. Think about moving back this way. You have so much more around here. I know, on my end sounds easy. But I know it's not. You would have more help from people that love you. You are just so far away and by your self. You have done so much. More than most,could even begin to think of doing. I have tears in my eyes,when I read your blogs. Just remember,you are not forgotten. Love you! Neta

J.L. Murphey said...

I know being a caregiver is not easy. AND YES, you are full fledged in burnout mode. The money situation is a constant juggle in our house too. There are outreach programs through church and community action groups, but maybe there are none where you live.

On the other hand, it just might be all that Florida summertime sun causing all the problems.

Sally said...

Hugs from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I'm my husband, Sam's main caregiver since April 2012 when he had a brain injury. I don't have a fraction of your daily activities, even then there's no way I can be away from home for more than the 2 hours needed for the hairdressers!
My heart goes out to you each time I read your Blog.
Sam's acupuncturist says we do what we are doing when there's true love :)
Hang in there!
God Bless both of you.


barbpolan said...

Of course you're burned out, despite being superhuman.

One suggestion: at least here in the Northeast, lots of schools are requiring community service hours from students (scouts and mitzvah candidates, etc, have always had to); maybe you could get the equivalent of a volunteer "mother's helper" to help around the house, by cutting grass, doing laundry, and other appropriate tasks.

I wish we were neighbors so you could borrow Tom to give yourself a respite.

All the best. Barb

I don't know a single person who could do what you do, much less sustain it as you have.

willowangel said...

Hey, you forgot the other suggestions for caregiver burnout....1. Take a vacation, 2. Get more sleep, 3. Don't worry so much, 4. Go shopping, 5. Get your nails done and don't forget to get those toes painted while you're there,6.hire an accountant to take care of your bills, and finally 7, hire a maid to do the laundry.
Frankly, I don't know why you didn't think of these things yourself!

Love Ya Girl, keep dancing -)

Anonymous said...

I don't know of any caregiver that didn't have a needed "lazy" day. I know for me they were rare, but they happened, I took every advantage to enjoy them....even sneaking in a nap once in a while. Enjoy the lazy day, kick back and relax as much as possible when they come around.
Hugs, Dan

DebbieL said...

Love this picture of Bob and Ripley! So adorable! thinking of you! Hugs, Debbie