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Friday, November 28, 2014

"Unkinking The Garden Hose" and Other New Therapies

Well, Bob started his new stroke rehab program at the fitness center, and,  I must say, it is totally different than any therapy he's done before. Usually, at rehab, the PT's would just push and push Bob to get out of that chair, stand up and walk, usually at the first session. And when Bob couldn't keep up to their expectations, well, he was booted out the door...

This trainer is exactly opposite and is taking things slowly. Starting with Bob's neck and what the PT calls "unkinking the garden hose":

The trainer also says that Bob is not ready to stand up and walk yet. He needs to work on strengthening all the individual muscles needed for the job first:

And another different thing about this stroke rehab, they actually invite you to take photos and videos! Unlike the other places we went where signs are posted all over that recording/photographing is STRICTLY prohibited. (I always had to sneak those photos in....)

The idea is that by videoing the session and taking it home, you can review what you learned.

And this PT has not given up on Bob's paralyzed right arm/hand.

All I can say is, I wish we had this type of therapy four years ago...

PS: If you experience any problem with sound quality/picture quality on these videos, click on the YouTube icon to go directly to YouTube for a better viewing experience.


Jenn said...

Are you feeling encouraged? I sure hope so! I certainly have a renewed faith seeing all these videos! Great exercises - great great great!!! I found myself doing the hand clasp (with Bob) and moving my arms in all directions. I'd forgotten how just doing this one exercise engages so many core muscle groups! Proud of you BOB!!! It's a lot of work, but stay with it! You're doing FANTASTIC! I've incredible amounts of faith in you!
Stay with it Diane! Glad you both are at this place with this man! <3
Thanks for posting the videos!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic therapist and work for Bob. Like you, I wish you and Bob could have experienced this type of PT long ago. I have to say, I'm really impressed with that therapy. Keep up the great work.

Hugs & prayers, Dan

Rebecca Dutton said...

1. The PT is right. To stand up you have to lean forward, squeeze your butt, and then straighten and lift your chest. If any of these components are missing a person will fall backwards and take the caregiver with them.
2. I'm glad to see the PT involve Bob in thinking through the process of standing up instead of just yanking him into standing.
3. The videos will help Bob understand what the PT means when he says "that's good."
4. I'm glad to see the PT have Bob move his shoulder blade up and down. Since I have tightness there too I know how good it feels to relax these muscles.
5. Way to go Diane for making all this happen. I am picturing you less stressed out because the new van makes transporting Bob much easier.

Anonymous said...

Where is this therapy place at?


Diane said...

Peggy, I will email you

Theresa Loder said...

That is fantastic Diane.. Ricks dad was paralyzed from the neck down and a chiropractor worked with him in much the same way.. Eventually he walked and led a pretty normal life.. The chiropractor came to their home every day for one year..
His dad was bit by a dog with rabies and when they gave him the rabies shot he became paralyzed..that was in the late 1940's when the shot was new..

Great news
Take care

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane
Great to hear that things are looking much better with you guys. My mother suffered a haemorrhagic stroke one year back.Your blog has helped me a lot during this dark period. Now we are on road to recovery.N I wish the same for Bob.All the best with therapy.
God bless

Don Wood said...

Thanks for posting Bobs videos they have encouraged me to try that bit harder with doing my exercises. Sincce my last episode I have not done anywhere near enough exercise and keep putting it off. X Don