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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Busier Than A Cat Covering --- well, you know the saying

I tell you, this is my first "day off" in awhile, and this is also An Official Poop Day... An Official Poop Day is, here at The Pink House, a day when I have to give Bob a laxative and then wait for, well, the shit to hit fan, or, um, I should say "to hit the Depends" quite literally...

So while I wait, I figured I'd update this blog.

It has been soooo busy here, I swear, my head is spinning.

This past couple of weeks, I have:

1. Taken the Bobmobile to the dealer because the ramp would not go up -- turned out to be a loose motor connection or something like that. At least they didn't charge me to fix it.

2. Found, interviewed and hired a CNA to work with Bob twice weekly (for two hours/day) with his speech therapy and physical therapy at home exercises. This way, I don't have to do these things! And I have someone here so I can do other things! Yes!!

3. Met with an insurance agent to sign up for health insurance for myself. (And to make my father happy.)

4. Tracked down Bob's wheelchair order and finally managed to get all the paperwork sent to the insurance company.

5. Bought Bob a bathtub!

Yes, that's a large whirlpool corner tub. Bob picked it out and afterwards, said "Thank you!!"

6. Cleaned the house from top to bottom because, even though our house was not yet listed for sale, our realtor had already found a potential buyer who wanted to look at it.

7. Showed the house. Got an offer on the house. Made a counter offer. Accepted the counter-counter offer to BUY our house!!!! Signed all that paperwork and had an official "house inspection" for buyer (which was nerve wrecking....)

8. Cleaned out half of the garage.

9. Cleaned out a portion of the attic.

10. "Gifted" the neighborhood with free stuff on the curb (extracted from garage and attic).

11. Met with Bubba and his "body man" to go over The Green Machine restoration project.

12. Woke up at 1:00 a.m. to find Bob drenched in Jevity because his feeding tube had popped its cork, so to speak. Then while cleaning up that mess -- slipped in a puddle of urine because the cath bag was leaking!  GAAA!!!!!

13. Set up and decorated the Christmas tree and sent out cards and all that assorted and sundry holiday crap....

14. Packed up a few more boxes for the move.

And -- hmmmm, what else? Therapy appointments, doctor appointments, pharmacy runs, the usual stuff.

Oh, and keeping on top of the work crews at the new house, finding all the kitchen lighting screwed up!! GA! approved Bob's bathroom layout and contacted the guy who will be putting in the lift device and all the other decision making involved in the process, plus salvaged an antique door for the kitchen and taking an antique lock to a locksmith for refurbishing....

Work is moving along at the new house. The siding has all been removed and window trim has been/is being reproduced according to the "ghost marks" left from the originals.

Before: the front gable arched window trim was hidden under siding.

The "ghost marks" from the old trim under the siding and neat little gable trim uncovered!

Arched Window with reproduced trim!

Before Side View

Side View of Arched Window (the lower part of the window was covered with siding).

Window restoration in process.

All that said, I must say the house is looking good!

Though I nearly had a heart attack when they handed me the $11,000 "bid" for a paint job! GA!!

Next week, I need to find another/cheaper painter. Hire a CPA. Take Bob to Pain Management and then therapy appointments, do some more cleaning out, packing and sorting, etc. etc. And --- I guess, try to fit in a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Whew....sounds like you need 3 Diane's to accomplish all that work. Can't begin to tell you enough how I admire all that you do for Bob and all the work you do daily. I know even those days I was a full time caregiver, I was exhausted doing half of what you do. Good to hear you have a CNA coming in to help. I bet the house will look fantastic when the contractor work is completed.

Merry Christmas to you and Bob. Sending lots of hugs and prayers, Dan

Barb Polan said...

What a gem your new house is. Exterior painting IS really expensive. And working on porches. But worth it.

Mike Furr said...

Pink paint isn't cheap! It's all positive things that are going on. You use to be busy trying to figure out how to patch things to make them work and figuring out how to get by and now it's all about doing it right. Pretty cool!