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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So Much to Blog About -- So Little Time!

I tell you, these past couple of weeks have been complete chaos. Not to mention the usual up-teen million doctors/therapy appointments, bills to pay, insurance company to argue with, etc. etc,, but the potential Buyer of our house sent over not only a home inspector but also a plumber, AC guy, roofer and termite guy.

Then paperwork back and forth, with the Buyer wanting Bob & me to PAY for a new roof, etc.  Well, I put my foot down on that -- even though my realtor warned we could lose this buyer -- but lo and behold, the Buyer still wants the house. So kudos to me for standing strong. And to Bob, who when I read him the Buyer's list of demands, said, and I quote, "Fuck him!" Ha!

Believe me, Bob may have aphasia, but he isn't about to be taken for a ride!

So we have a tentative closing date of Feb. 16th! And I gotta do some serious packing! And the new house is no-where near done! Or at least it seems so, to me. Plus there is taxes and transferring our homestead exemption and buying new appliances and ceiling fans and etc. etc. etc. Not to mention trying to find a painter and RIGHT shade of pink!! And the contractor calling nearly daily with dumb decisions like - "do you want the closet on the right side or left side of the tub???" and ga! Too many decisions to make --- And Bob has a half dozen doctor appts scheduled this month and twice weekly therapy plus a bone scan for his foot pain plus a peg tube replacement ---- argh!

I did cancel 3 doctors and cut out a couple therapy appts -- but still....

Today, I'm packing up the Christmas tree! Then, I need to pack up the rest of the house. How on earth have we accumulated so much stuff???? aaargh!

And I can't even find my desk -- under all this paperwork. And oh! Did I tell you about food stamps? Who way back in August, when we requested them to close our account, somehow never got the message -- ?? And now they want us to pay them $858! For money they credited to our account but we never used --- jeepers. So there is that mess to straighten away.... grrrrr....

So I'm outta here with about ten thousand things to do and I am majorly stressed out -- and if this blog is quiet, you know why!


Mike Furr said...

I have only one thing, Bob nailed it!

Anonymous said...

Glad you held your ground on the sale of the house. The buyers are purchasing an older home, not a new one.

Do take some time for yourself, if only for a couple of hours. It's not good to be harried all the time.

Hugs & prayers, Dan

J.L. Murphey said...

Isn't it amazing how they learn how to cuss first. LOL but Bob is right.

Rebecca Dutton said...

I am praying the closing meeting happens soon. Paper trails always wear me out too.

Don Wood said...

LOL I love Bobs Attitude, sounds like you have a lot of stuff on your plate hope all goes well. XX Don

Jenn said...

Standard fare, what the buyer wants the seller to pay for. All the crazy negotiation garbola. Glad you stood your ground!
I'm guessing you've hired/thinking about hiring movers to help pack as well as schlep the schtuff to its new location?
Multi-tasking is highly over rated, ain't it?! One thing's for certain, change comes with a new day. ;)

p.s. you are unsinkable!