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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Which is what's been keeping me busy -- stuff! Lots of stuff.

My list of stuff:

Taking Zenith to the vet, three times. (Our house call vet is on medical leave.) Zenith's been vomiting daily. $900 in vet bills later, they still don't know what's wrong with her -- stress, maybe? From the move?  We are still waiting for some of the test results. Meanwhile, the vet said she's dehydrated and prescribed a "drinking fountain" for her.  So add to my list of stuff:

Researching/finding/buying/setting up a cat drinking fountain. This one is from "" and I ordered it because it's not only functional but attractive....
Cat drinking fountain and a meditating Ripley.

But, of course, both cats ignore it -- except Ripley, who likes to sit by it -- perhaps he thinks it's a meditation fountain....

And -- finding/buying/installing a window box on the house. There were old (original) brackets on the house for a window box, but the box was long gone. Contractor originally told me that he would build one, but then told me it "wasn't included".  So, took me awhile to find one that fit...
My window box!  Fits perfect!
And I'm pleased as punch that I found one that fits perfectly. It's a "Charleston" from (At least something worked out right, for a change!)  As you can see, though, our house badly needs a paint job!  So add to my list of "stuff" --

Finding/hiring a painter, picking out paint colors, trying out sample paint colors and buying 32 gallons of paint!

Samples of our PINK house colors!

And I'm giving myself a pat on the back for finding a guy who will paint the house for $2500 -- remember the $11,000 quote I got from the contractor???  I do have to buy the paint, but got in on a Sherwin Williams 40% off paint sale last weekend and the cost was $1500...

And the list of stuff continues, including --

Getting Bob enrolled back into therapy.  The therapist loves Bob's new wheelchair and utilizes the tilting position for exercises, especially for "gravity pull" on his neck muscles.
Back to therapy!

Then, also, dealing with doctors (the usual suspects, plus.)   Bob's pain management doc is sending us all over regarding the foot pain Bob's had since the foot surgery (yes, he is still in pain) and so I've taken him in for a tri-phasic bone scan, foot x-rays, specialists' appointment and next, an MRI scheduled next week---

And, also on my list of stuff -- add, taking the van to the body shop for repairs after I introduced it to the telephone pole in the alley, and while the van was in the shop, spending a whole darn day waiting for the wheelchair transport to get Bob to his doctor's appointment.  Of course, that day, the transport company's computers were not working and it pouring rain. He had a 1:00 appointment and we didn't get home until 5.  Made me really, really appreciate the Bobmobile!

And add to that, I lost my freaking checkbook -- I kid you not. Had to report to the bank, have the account "frozen" and daily check that bank balance. Still hasn't turned up and I have turned this house upside looking for it.

Add to that all the internet problems with Verizon --- and the hours on the phone with that --

Add to that, unpacking boxes and setting this house in order -- and doing a little decorating:

And still a lot of unpacking/decorating/etc. to do...

And add all the usual caregiving stuff --

And then add, last but not least, haggling with the darn contractor over things that were done wrong, things not working right including the water heater AND a/c for the garage apartment, things not finished, roof leaking, and I'm still waiting for a bathroom door for Bob's bathroom and a battery for the generator -- then he tries to charge me $1500 for something he originally told me would be a "freebie"--I won that fight, but I tell you -- I am tearing my hair out...

I've been a busy gal.  Hoping things will settle down soon...


Barb Polan said...

Yes, it sounds like it's been busy for you - but some things are working out, so that's good news. Congrats on your haggling about the wheelchair working out and Bob being able to have therapy in it. AND congrats on finding the painter and the paint on sale. Sounds like things are looking up. Keep on smiling!

Jenn said...

Poor kitty! I don't doubt it could be stress related. The vet gave her a shot of "fluids" under the skin, right? That's helped my kitties when they weren't well. Anything around the house the contractor may have left/spilled that's toxic? Concentrated odors? Does kitty eat moist canned food to help with hydration? Soft, wet food is the best way to get her hydrated again (provided it stays down!).

Excited to see the color choices for the house! Can't wait to hear what you both decide! Love the window box against the rustic look of the house! Vintage rural. :)

I hope you find your checkbook! Lurking under, between - in the van? Crazy checkbook!

May the MRI on Bob's foot supply an easy, trouble free solution to his on going pain. Ugh.
Love you guys <3

Diane said...

Hi Jenn! Zenith got some kind of anti-vomit shot and some kind of steriod shot-- helped for about a week, then back to vomiting. Eats wet food, and pukes it up. Even the hypo-allergenic prescription cat food that the vet ordered and the natural ($$) canned cat food... grrrr....

Jenn said...

Poor baby. I hope Z can settle in soon. Kitty massage? Meditative music? Mice sounds? lol d'aw. Little fur ball - I send you get well wishes! <3