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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Message From The Other Side -- ?

OK, so this is weird, and happened a couple weeks ago, while David, my nephew, was visiting.

Before I get to the point, I must say, this neighborhood is a pretty cool neighborhood.  They have a very active Neighborhood Association and one of the things they do is have a monthly "Porch Party" which is always held at someone's house (not necessarily on the porch) and it's potluck and BYOB.

Well, that Friday that David was here, the Porch Party was held right next door.  That neighbor had asked me, not once, not twice but three times -- if I would come, so I could hardly refuse. Since David was there visiting, I took him with me. And I was glad to have the company, as it is weird/uncomfortable for me to go to something like that all alone.

So David made some pickle rolls and we took a six pack and trotted next door.  And had pretty good time, meeting some neighbors, etc.

We stayed until the end and went back home, talked awhile on the porch, then retired to bed.

It's become my habit to take the I-Pad to bed with me, just to check messages, etc., maybe play a game of late night Scrabble against the computer until I'm tired.  The I-Pad is usually on the charger and, that night, when I disconnected the plug, a picture popped on the screen.

Now, this is odd.  Because the screen was still "locked". As I haven't slid that little slider bar "slide to unlock" thingy over...

And this was the picture:
 And then, another picture appeared:

 And then this third one, an ad for a faucet ---

I know it's hard to read, but the ad says "Masterpieces made here.  Experience a gallery where you are the artist. Where you can see, touch and feel your home the way you want to..."  Then junk about the faucets and where to buy them...

And I thought -- what the F --?

Because this had never happened before, I mean I use the I-Pad all the time, and never is there any pictures on the blank screen -- and how do these pictures show up while the thing is still LOCKED? I mean, you have to slide the bar, unlock the thing, then touch an app to see anything --- get anywhere on this I-Pad ---

And the three photos kept trolling by, like a slideshow. Continuously trolling by. And the slide bar was still saying it was "LOCKED".

And I was so freaked out, I actually got out my camera.  Because I thought --- this is a message from Bob!!! It must be!!!

But then, I'll admit, we'd had a few beers so I might not have been thinking too clearly that night....

Well, the next day, I actually googled this, i.e: how to make pictures appear on a LOCKED I-Pad and found there's actually a way to do this in the settings.  So I checked the settings, and actually found these pictures loaded up -- but could not figure out how to make them into slideshow on the locked screen like they did that night --- and still can't figure out how to do it. And it's never happened before or since... In fact, I can't even seem to make it do this -- as much as tried.

And have no clue how these pictures even ended up in the settings (they are the only ones there), as it certainly wasn't me, and I know Bob couldn't have done it while he was alive and the only other two people who ever had access to the I-Pad were his CNA and his speech therapist, but don't think they would have done this...

Oh-kay -- perhaps I'm nuts and it was just a weird fluke. But I'm thinking it was a message. The thumbs up from Bob for going to that party! (The medium said he said he wanted me to get out and make friends.) The road (in pink!) to the future?  But, then, what's with the faucet ad??? Which is real strange. Except about art and masterpieces and making your home the way you want to....


Maybe I am going crazy.  Maybe not.

What do you think? Am I nuts?


Lisa said...

I truly believe in signs and I do think Bob wanted to send you a message. That is so awesome that he is trying to let you know that he is with you and happy you are exploring new social circles.

DebbieL said...

Diane, you are not crazy. Bob is with you and I believe he is sending you messages. I have had my iPad for years and I have never had that happen. Big hugs!

KanDav said...

Well if you're crazy, then so am I...
I thought the 1st pic seemed to capture Bob's sense of humor (I thought of his toiletries/toilet trees drawing...). The 2nd pic was of course the pink deal. The 3rd pic I equated to Bob's being an artist, and honestly I see you as artistic, too. With your writing.
Barring all of the above, if you find comfort in it, that's really all that matters. I mean, what it boils down to is Bob's love for you, and vice versa.
Physically a person is gone, but for me, love never dies. It just doesn't. However that love manifests doesn't seem as important as the fact that it DOES manifest.
Take care,

Barb Polan said...

Hmmm... I have always faulted Apple for designing their products to automatically "help" the user. They do things behind the scenes that are guessing what they think you want, so it sometimes seems like reading your mind - but at other times it's quite baffling.

And you certainly needed communication from Bob.,.. even though the how is not clear.

P.S. Don't you think the first pic is Bob's rendition of a pickle roll? That would mean he IS watching and knows exactly what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

Do messages come from our loved ones after they pass? Many don't think so, but I am on your side. Two days before my wife passed away, and while she was in a coma state, I asked her to give me a sign if she was able, after reaching heaven. I asked her to send me an obvious nickle coin (not a penny). About 10 days after her funeral, I came home from grocery shopping, opened the side door to the kitchen, and almost dropped the grocery bag I was carrying. In the middle of the kitchen floor where I couldn't miss seeing it, lay a bright shinny new nickle. Since I hadn't handled any coins anywhere in the house other than in a distant bedroom, I had to accept it as a true message from her. I saw no other reason or way for that nickle to be there.

I too can see a message from Bob in those pics. The thumbs up for your participation in a social event, and a road to begin your travels into a future you need to take. Bob may not be next to you in those travels, but he will be with you in so many other ways.


Hugs & prayers,


J.L. Murphey said...

You are fine Diane! You are not crazy. As far as the pictures goes, who knows maybe it was Bob and maybe it was a glitch.

Glad you took another baby step. Keep checking your emails hon.

Lynne in CT said...

Definitely interesting. I've been meaning to comment for a while. I've followed your blog for over a year now; can't recall exactly when I started. Seems like with the other blogs I've followed, people have just given them up. One hasn't updated it in a year, the other person's last post was in January. I hope you do continue with your blog.

I guess it could be a message from Bob, but what about your nephew. Are you sure he didn't borrow your tablet? Just that he made those pickle rolls, and the first picture was of a pickle... Also, what on earth is a pickle roll? Lol.

That was awful about the comment that appeared to be threatening. I take it, it is someone you know IRL, since you mentioned you know who the person is... I hope the person comes to his/her senses. The last thing you need is someone making comments like that.

Wondering if you've thought of looking for work outside the home at some point, to possibly take your mind off your sadness. One suggestion I have regarding something you wouldn't have to commit to long-term, is to apply for work as a Substitute Teacher or Aide in a school. Those little ones can really take your mind off things... It's generally not a well-paying job, can be very stressful and usually no benefits package at all, but it's a very flexible job.

The last thing I was curious about is Bob's daughter. You mentioned her as someone the Medium had brought up, but I'm not sure I recall any comment about her before or since. Needless to say, it's none of my business, but I was just curious if you're in touch with her, etc.

Wishing you peace...

Diane said...


I did ask my nephew if he had messed with the I-pad and he didn't. The first cartoon picture is actually a watermelon! A "pickle roll" is made by taking a slice of ham (deli style), coating it with cream cheese, then rolling that around a piece of baby dill pickle -- use of toothpick to keep it together. People at the party loved them!

My plan is to write a memoir about our life -- get back to my full-time writing.

As far as the daughter, let me just say that I have no clue as to even where she lives or what she is doing -- so no contact here for years. It's sad.

Lynne in CT said...

Diane -- Thanks for replying to my comment -- I appreciate it. :) Lynne

Anonymous said...

Diane, you need to read article in latest Reader's Digest about contact from loved ones. Happens more than we realize.
Mary Ann