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Thursday, June 30, 2016

My life

Bob is dead

Chris is dead

Boomer is dead

Zenith is dead

I am trying --- but jeepers, my life sucks right now.

And I really do not know how to go on.

How does one go on?

And OK -- this is just sad --- sorry, but I admit I'm having a hard time


John Lightner said...

Hey there in Fl

I lost my wife of 33+ years, this year, and those days a utter despair and utter depression do come and fortunately do go.

We had a great life, even with my stroke and the cancer that killed her,
but it becomes a touch easier each day to say " Karen is not sick anymore". So please hang in there . Hugs to you in this time of need

Anonymous said...

Ever since Zenobia's rant I've been afraid to leave comments.
I'm not a wierdo, I'm a grandmother and a fellow stroke wife.
But I understand how lonely you feel.
I lost both my dogs Gracie & Ty within 3 weeks of each other recently.
I also adopted a rescue dog like you.
Man she has issues.
We once were pretty good friends.
I would like to be your friend again.
Since my cancer diagnosis I have learned to not sweat the small stuff.
Live for today. And hope for the best.
I'll be your friend if you want.
You can email me at
Take care. Pat

DebbieL said...

Hugs to you, Diane.

Diane said...

John, I am so sorry for your loss. You know what I'm going through.

Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. Means a lot to me.

John Lightner said...

Thank you for your kind words.
Here's hoping that the few days that have passed, have caused the load to lighten up.
Totally encompassing is the sadness and loneliness. The sun brings a new day and we need to use that as a starter to take care of us. So once again, hang in there and keep blogging. Your writing is so enjoyable to read


Barb Polan said...

Watch "whiskey Tango Foxtrot." Tina Fey gets it right: there's a marine who has lost both legs because of a thoughtless thing she did. When she visits him later so that he can yell at her, he says, paraphrased, that she has to get over herself and look forward, not back... That he has done that, "because we have no f-ing choice!"

Mike Furr said...

This year has been like that for me. You start to think you've done something wrong to lose so many so soon as if I had some control over it and dropped the ball on these loved ones.
I don't have answers or advise but I do have understanding, so just know your not alone.