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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rehab says, "Shape Up or Ship Out"

Yesterday at Rehab, Bob wilted in the standing machine. And I do mean "wilted" like a drooping flower on a hot day. He slumped over the little table in front of the machine, laid his head on the table top, and he began crying and saying one word over and over: "Gone, gone, gone". The therapist tried to cajole him into standing upright to no avail, finally, took him out of the machine and tried instead to get him standing on the parallel bars. At the bars, he kept falling backward into the wheelchair, kept crying, kept saying that word: "gone, gone, gone."

I went to him then and tried to coax him into cooperating, but he kept saying "gone" and tears were flowing down his cheeks and I asked him what was gone? And he indicated his leg, his arm, his mouth and his brain by pointing to these areas of his body. He was crumbling in front of us. Falling apart. And I am crumbling, too.

Afterward, we had a meeting with all three therapists and all three of them told me that Bob was "just not progressing" and they saw "no need to continue" his therapy. Somehow, I managed to get them to agree to two more weeks of therapy, however, if he doesn't improve, doesn't "progress", well, then rehab is over for him.


Cheri said...

that makes me want to cry.

Jenn said... dear ones! I wrap my arms around you both - giving you healing energy in this hug. I send you encouragement. Patience. Dear BOB!!! You still are the wonderful man Diane married! Believe in yourself! The physical recovery will take time! Our bodies are resilient! YOU are stronger than you think! So, go ahead, cry cry cry! Give up. Then get back up again, because you have already, and will again! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Helen said...

How distressing this is for the both of you. Bob is in there, he needs to break out by whatever it takes==crying out, getting angry. Make the best of the next two weeks. Good luck.

Nikki said...

How can they just give up on him like this? It's not right!

Tami said...

Sending a BIG hug to you!