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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bob Speaks Out -- A Video

Every so often someone will tell me that Bob's speech has improved. It's hard for me to tell, being with him 24/7, so I thought I'd start documenting his speaking abilities. The above video taken yesterday. He still has a tendency to sing if he can't get the words out. Much is still garbled. But better, perhaps, than the following video....

Below is a video of his speech therapy session with his at-home speech therapist, taken in February.

I think I will try to video him at least once a month from now on.

Note: If you have trouble hearing the video, click on the video once it starts playing. That will take you directly to YouTube where sound and picture quality should be better.


Helen M. said...

Hi Dianne. Good idea to videotape his speech. You will be able to see progress when you look back on older videos. He was difficult to hear on my computer, very quiet and I couldn't get enough volume. Can you get a microphone for your videocam and get it closer to him next time?

Diane said...

Helen, sorry about that. I added a note to this post on how to go directly to YouTube for better sound/picture quality. Unfortunately, all I have is a little camera bought by Bob about 8 years ago with a built-in mike. I'll try to get closer in the future, but think it is louder if you click on the picture and go directly to YouTube. Thanks.

Nikki said...

Making videos of his progress is a good idea, then you can compare things better.

Jenn said...

It's wonderful that Bob sings if he's unable to say the word!
Really, though, I need to listen a couple more times to be able to hear a difference. (that's me! )