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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bob At The Rail

(Click to enlarge!)
Here he is, having just set another rail walking record of 15 times!
One month ago, he could only make it 5 times.

He's hot and sweaty 
and showing us some real "tough guy", fighting spirit!

That's our hallway rail, I know--I need to paint it--but who has time?


barbpolan said...

Paint? It looks great as-is. You don't need anything else on your to-do list. Leave it for Bob to paint.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful work in progress.....don't change it. So wonderful hear of the improvements that Bob is making. Proud of both you and Bob in all the accomplishments.

Caring1 (Dan)

Anonymous said...

I love hearing of the progress. You and Bob are working so hard at everything. He couldn't be in better care, that is for sure!!! Aunt Rose and Uncle Arnie