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Friday, September 23, 2011

Losing Chris

Chris has been our neighbor and friend for eight years. She lives just three doors down the block and since Bob's stroke, she has been a godsend to me. She's always willing to help out, pitch in, watch Bob for me so I can run errands, etc. When Bob was in the hospital, she came over every single night when I got home to sit with me on our front porch while the weather was good, and later, to sit in front the fireplace when it got cold. And she listened to me crying, worrying and, later, complaining about his care. She was there the day he came home with a bundle of extra sheets and towels. She carted my wet laundry down the block to her dryer when my dryer broke. She's always been there when I needed her.

This week, I found out, she's moving.

I tell myself that she's just moving across town, really, it's not so bad. But she doesn't drive and pretty much gets around on her power wheelchair these days, so she'd have to take a bus to get here, which is a burden. But the move will be good for her, the rent being cheaper (her landlord is planning on raising her rent $100/month and she just can't afford to stay in that apartment). And maybe we'll work things out at this distance.

But, you know, I am going to miss her like hell....

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Jenn said...

CRAP! I'm so sorry to see her move, too.
Send Chris my best in hopes the new place will be comfortable, safe and economical. And here's to hoping your new neighbors are wonderful people.