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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bob's New Wheels

Bob and His Brand New Wheels
Finally, a "Bob-sized" wheelchair! The standard wheelchair they sent from the hospital was just that: STANDARD and Bob is 6'3" so you can imagine how uncomfortable he was.

This puppy was ordered in May and finally delivered in September and after a month or so of adjusting, it seems to fit him fine!

Special thanks to my mom and dad and Disability Achievement Center for paying the co-pay, otherwise we couldn't have afforded it.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. Congratulations Bob on those sassy new wheels of yours! I hope they serve you well. I am happy you'll be more comfortable. My husband is is the same height and it took some adjusting for him to be happy with his wheel chair. I hope that some day neither one of you will need them!! Take care Patricia

Nikki said...

Hope Uncle Bob is happy with his new wheelchair- it can't be comfortable to be stuck in one that's too small and/or doesn't fit right!

Jenn said...


Linda said...

Congrats on the wheels Bob! Looking good!