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Friday, October 7, 2011

CIDP Still "Quiet" & Other Neuro News

I took Bob back for his follow-up with his neurologist last week and the doc thought Bob was doing quite well, all things considering. Bob's affected (right) hand is gaining spasticity which means it is progressing somewhat, so not all hope is lost for that. He was worried a bit that Bob was clenching his hand to tight and talked about getting a splint, but really that's up in the air. I'm to keep an eye on it. He also tested Bob's vision, but, unfortunately, there is no improvement there. I think, we were all (doctors and I) hoping that some of his vision would come back, but Bob still is totally blind in the left eye and has no peripheral vision in the right one. And that is sad.

The doctor also informed me that Bob would have to stay on blood thinners (Warfarin) for the rest of his life because his "genetically unnaturally thick blood" could cause another stroke. And also he will have to have a once month blood test for the rest of his life to monitor his blood thickness. But that's something we can manage.

The doc then tested Bob for CIDP and he could find no trace of that disease, he said the CIDP was "quiet" and thank goodness for that. I was beginning to worry as Bob seems to be having more trouble holding his head up lately, but the doctor assured me it was just muscle atrophy from the CIDP and not the CIDP returning. And that is such a blessing.

An interesting aside, Chris' brother suffered a left hemisphere stroke about three months ago (he's doing quite well now, just some right hand coordination problems) but he also previously suffered from diabetic neuropathy and since his stroke, his neuropathy has also completely disappeared. Makes me wonder if anyone's done any research on this phenomenon... i.e.: stroke cures neuropathy??

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Nikki said...

That's an interesting idea, that some diseases/injuries may cure or ameliorate other diseases/injuries. You ought to look around on the internet and see what you can find!