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Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Year Stroke Anniversary

One year ago, Bob had a stroke. Just seeing that date, Oct. 21, on the calendar floods me with emotion...

Yesterday, I asked Bob if he knew what day it was. He looked confused. So I said, "It's October 21st."

Still, he was confused. I said, "One year ago today, you had a stroke."

He said, "Oh."

He was quiet for awhile then asked, "Months?"

I said, "Twelve months ago. You had a stroke twelve months ago today."

He was quiet again, then he shrugged his unaffected shoulder and said, "Oh well! Happy New Year!"


Anonymous said...

I suspect that his (and yours) "New Year" will be much better and perhaps a bit easier than the past year. Keep doing what you are doing. You're both amazing. Caring1 (Dan)

Nikki said...

Happy New Year, hehe! Sometimes he's just cute when he says things like that! Hope this is indeed a "new year" for the both of you and that he keeps making progress, even if it's just little by little.

Sal said...

Just look at how far you both have come in one year. Amazing!!! There is a new calling in your lives, your inspiration to other stroke patients. It is amazing what love and a lot of hard work can do. Your an inspiration to me. Way to go both of you. Love you both.

barbpolan said...

Happy New Year sounds perfect to me. My 2nd anniversary will be a month from now - or maybe 3 weeks - depends on whether I'm reading the calendar correctly. It's Nov. 12, a day that will live in infamy in my life.

You and Bob have made amazing progress - He has made measurable progress and you've been able to find out what you're made of - and it's all good.

You WILL have a happy new year, I'll bet.

Anonymous said...

We all have an idea in our mind when we expect things to get better. Unfortunately life ignores us and does it's own thing.From my humble experience progress is made very slowly and sometimes stands still. What I have found is to kind of be like Bob, have an attitude of so what--Happy New Year. When you can stress and freak out let it go and give it to the wind. Helps me. Love ya Diane and Bob, Patricia

Grace Carpenter said...

Congratulations on getting through this year. I was so happy to put my anniversary behind me. I'm already gearing up for my second (Feb 2).

Anonymous said...

You have both done tremendously well. My stroke anniv. is in Decemberbut my husband had his brain bleed Oct. 17/12. He was left severely hemiparegic and lost his speech, too. Stroke has robbed us both of so much (him more than me) but we keep muddling along together.
Nancy & andrew