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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Here's Bob's latest drawing, this one he calls "Breakthrough". Though actually, when he first started this drawing I asked him what he was going to call it and he said, "Breaks".

I said, "Brakes? Like car brakes?"

He rolled his eyes.

I said, "Breaks? Like something's broken? That kind of break?"

And he said, "yes."

So I was really wondering what that meant, until awhile later, when I looked at the drawing and saw that those things he draws (jeepers, what should I call them?) those totem-pole thingys in this drawing are actually breaking through the ground.

And I said to him, "Oh! I get it. You meant 'Breakthrough' not 'Breaks'."

He said, "Breakthrough! Yes."

(click to enlarge)
I like this drawing, because of its positive premise after all those "Struggles", "Obstacles" and "Troubles".

I do wonder about the meaning of these totem-pole things. Bob will start a drawing with just one little section of one of the figures. He will completely finish that section, shading and all, and then add another section. And the figure sort of grows on the paper in front of him.

I wonder if this is a reflection of how he thinks, with the aphasia. Or if it's just a new funky way of drawing that he likes. I also wonder if anyone who has had aphasia could relate to this.

And yes, he's drawing with his left-hand and was formerly right-handed. Hate to sound like a broken record on that, but I find if I don't mention it--someone always asks!


Nikki said...

That is interesting that he has done a drawing with a more positive theme- perhaps he's been thinking more positively lately?

Jenn said...

Is it possible to set up the camera to film Bob as he begins the drawings,through some of the progressions - without drawing any attention to the filming.....
it'd be educational to review & study his process after completion -as sporting teams study opposing teams after a game to understand plays, etc. No need to post unless you want.
Just a thought.

Barb Polan said...

Very positive progress! What a relief it must be to know there's something positive going on in his head.