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Friday, March 9, 2012

CerAxon Update

Bob has just completed three weeks of taking CerAxon, the citicoline medical food product. He takes 1000 mg in the morning and another 1000 mg at night. I have been watching him closely to see if there are any improvements, especially cognitively as most studies I have read on citicoline result in overall cognitive improvements of the participants, be they rats or people.

I have not seen much until this past week.

On Sunday, Bob was suddenly surged with energy and walked the rail in the hall 27 times. This up from his usual 20 times. On Monday, he did 28! I was ecstatic about this sudden jump in his stamina, but unfortunately on Tuesday, his ability dropped back to the usual 20 times. Yesterday, he was plagued with the usual peeing problems and dropped down to 15 times. We'll try again today and see where he's at.

But I think, the most promising thing, so far, has been a few sudden spurts of "old Bob" appearing, rather out of nowhere. I'm talking here about his speaking ability. This has been nowhere near consistent, but occasionally he has come up with a statement that sounds so like he used to sound, for example, last night, we were watching a science fiction movie and Bob turned to me and said, "This movie is really weird." And gosh, he sounded like his old self. This morning, he woke me up early, telling me, "I'm freezing!" In the past, if he got cold, he would shout only the word "cold" to me, or just "brrr". But this morning it was "I'm freezing" and again, he sounded so much like his old self. And the other day, he called me "Diane" three times. Three times! (Usually he addresses me as "hey" or "hey, um..." to the point I am beginning to think that my name is "hey, um...")

Unfortunately, however, these are just little "spurts" and after the spurt, it's back to his usual garbled, mumbling self...

Anway, that's what I've noticed so far. The dosage for CerAxon is six weeks, so he is half-way through at this point. We'll see what happens.

Other good news, the increased Lyrica has really seemed to help his arm pain. So knock on wood, that this continues.

And next week, my friend Jenn and her husband are coming to visit for a day. I need a break and already got someone lined up to watch Bob. And I am thinking a margarita and a burger, downtown on a balcony looking out over the bay sounds mighty fine right about now....


Barb Polan said...

Hurray again for you and Bob! Margaritas on your balcony sound like fun.

Anonymous said...

All of the old Bob you can get, ENJOY !! And do have fun with your friends, you deserve it. Love, Patricia

Jenn said...

Excited excited excited ....... knowing I'm going to see you soon!!!!!!!!!
And looking forward to giving that crazy hubby of yours a big hug! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

metalgirl162002 said...

That's so cool! Hope Uncle Bob keeps doing well and that you enjoy your break!