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Thursday, March 15, 2012

First PT Session Has Left Me Confused

And feeling like we've been doing everything wrong.

Confused because when the PT evaluator came over, he said he was amazed at Bob's ability to move his right leg. And now the PT who is actually scheduled to work with Bob, a female therapist, tells me that Bob is not moving his leg at all, except for his "hip flexor".  She says that basically Bob's leg is "frozen" except for the hip flexor and all the movement is coming from the hip.

I'm thinking if this were the case, wouldn't Bob be swinging his leg out, stiffly, like a zombie? He doesn't do that. At least, I don't think so. But who am I? Certainly not a licensed/trained therapist.

The Outpatient Rehab therapist told me, on Bob's discharge, that the "best practice exercise for walking is walking". Hence, I had the railing installed in the hall to practice walking on.

This new therapist tells me that Bob could walk that rail for the next ten years and never see any improvement.

I feel like we've been doing everything wrong. I don't know which therapist to believe anymore.


oc1dean said...

Therapists really have no clue how to bring back a stroke patient to normality. A good starting point would be to ask them to deliniate exactly which muscles need working on, relaxing some, strengthening others. But you'll just get the demo of how to walk correctly with no breakdown into individual parts to work on. This is all based on them not having any clue what damage is in the brain and the therapies to correct that damage.

Grace Carpenter said...

Oh great! Like you really need an expert to demoralize you ;(

What did Bob think about the new PT?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dean. The therapists that Stan saw in the early stages of his stroke and up to last one varied all over the map !! It was so difficult to know who to listen to. Finally we just decided to work on our own with Stan telling me what he "felt".

Unfortunatly he has become lazy but I'm working on it. LOL

D. Don't take too much of what they are saying to heart. Listen to your gut kiddo. Love, Patricia

Rebecca said...

I would ask for the therapist who evaluated Bob. As a therapist I have asked for a different therapist and gotten what I asked for.

Janet said...

Well I wish Bob and Geoff could change legs for a few days, because apparently Geoff's hip flexor is not kicking in at all yet, though other leg muscles work well. Then they could see what it's supposed to feel like, maybe...

metalgirl162002 said...

That has to be confusing, with one therapist telling you this thing and one telling you another.