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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Neck Brace Fiassco

On Thursday, we went back to the brace place as Bob's new "Headmaster" neck brace was in. When they tried the new brace on Bob's neck, he immediately began to cry. When the sales rep asked what was wrong with it, Bob said, "hurts".

This time, I brought Bob's old neck brace with me and I showed that to the sales rep to see if it could be adjusted at all. He adjusted it and put that on Bob's neck, but still, Bob just sat there and cried.

I asked Bob which would he prefer: the new brace or old? But he kept crying and mumbling "no no no" over and over.

I didn't know to what to do. I hate making decisions like this. Ultimately, I decided to buy the new brace because it looks more comfortable and is more adjustable than his old "Aspen" collar. My thought was that after a few more weeks of neck exercises, the brace may be more comfortable and I'd wait before making him wear it. But when I took the new brace up to the counter to pay for it, Bob completely flipped out.

He started screaming: "No! No! No!!!" at the top of his lungs.

It was one of those times when you just wish the floor would open up and swallow you whole.

I felt like a witch buying a torture device.

Neck Stretch and Spine Alignment
I tell you, by the time we got home, it was me who was in tears.

Yesterday, the OT came back for a visit and asked to see the new neck brace. When I took it out of the bag, Bob jabbed an angry finger at me and growled, "You!" And he kept it up, over and over that angry finger jab and  "You!"

On a better note, the OT managed to get Bob into this neck stretching position which also helps align his spine.

She did this by boosting him up in bed so that his shoulders were at the top edge of the bed and then sort of bolstering him around with pillows.

He was so comfortable, he fell asleep. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way I could do this at night and still keep the head elevated enough for the feeding tube pump.

I tell you, even though he can be a complete shithead sometimes, he's still one handsome dude.

And I do love him.


Rebecca Dutton said...

1) Stop beating yourself up. I have a master's degree in OT and I'm about to donate equipment to an OT department because the equipment didn't work out. 2) I agree that you should hold onto the neck brace to see if it might work later. 3) Let the OT be the bad guy if you want to try the brace again. She will take Bob's reaction less personally. 4) You bought the brace because you love Bob and want to leave no stone unturned.

Jenn said...

You are a witch! Glinda, the GOOD witch of the north (okay, you're in the south, but she was good, too!)
LOL :)

barbpolan said...

Maybe it will comfort you to know that we're all complete shitheads sometimes; my husband is a saint to still be here helping me despite my frequent nips to keep him from doing what's best for me.

You are wonderful, and Bob loves you back.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Rebecca. Let OT be the bad guy in dealing with the neck brace. I suspect there will come a time when Bob will be able to wear the brace without undue pain. Keep working on those exercises, use the pillows, and adjust as necessary. You're doing a fantastic job Diane. Hugs, Dan

Aritul said...

You are a Saint.

Anonymous said...

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