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Friday, June 29, 2012

Well, GD It!

So today, Bob's toes were curling up and causing him a lot of pain. This is weird, as they are the toes on his unaffected left foot. Sort of curling inwards, like hammertoe. I have asked the neuro doc about this, but he says there is nothing he can do about it. This toe curling causes Bob a lot of pain, not to mention greatly interferes with his walking practice.

So I thought maybe soaking his foot in water with epsom salt would help. So I went into the laundry room where I keep some epsom salt and noticed that my dryer had stopped. Mid-cycle. I turned it back on and it made a whining, humming noise and then shut down. Tried it again. Same results. And again. Same result.

Now, I do laundry every single day. Believe me, Bob goes through enough towels, hand towels, sheets, bed pads etc. I have a full load every single day. Sometimes twice a day, if he has an accident. So the dryer bombing out is not a good thing. I dig out the invoice from the place I bought the washer/dryer and call them for a service call. The guy on the phone tells me it sounds like the motor died. Tells me a new motor will cost $150.00. Plus labor, plus service call. And it would be cheaper to buy a used dryer, which he could sell me for about $160.00.

So I go back into Bob's room and tell him all of this and he says, (I think), "Save it."

And I say, "Save it? I should repair the dryer?"

He says, "No! Save it!"

"I don't understand. It sounds like you're saying 'save it'."

"No! Save it!"

Ok, this is aphasia. It sounds like "save it" but he must be trying to say something else. I ask him to repeat it. Still sounds like "save it". I ask him to repeat it slower.

He says (I think), "David."

"David?" Now, I have a nephew named David, but what's that got to do with anything?

He says, "NO!"

I say, "Say it again."

He says (I think), "Maggots."

I say, "Maggots? Did you say maggots?"

"NO! Ga--gits!"

Me: "Huh?"

Well, we go around like this for about 15 minutes, me asking him to speak slower, speak louder,  him responding with "maggots", "ga-gits" and other stuff I can't understand, but finally, finally, I realize what he is saying. Which is:


Well. You don't say.

Anyway, I ended up running out to the appliance place and buying a used dryer for $159.75. They were able to deliver it this afternoon. Which was good. As I really need it.

But, I tell you, money is flying out the door. This on top all Bob's medical co-pays this month and then the vacuum cleaner broke down. And the house insurance went up. And Bob's state EBT benefits went down. This month, I decided to do something nice for me, I hired a guy to take care of our lawn--everything, including weeding the garden. It's going to cost $50.00/month but I am tired of trying to do it all. Trying to be SuperWoman. And, now, I wonder if we will be able to afford to keep that service.  As Bob says, GOD DAMN IT!


Anonymous said...

I too know how important the washer and dryer is. I can't imagine being without either one for more than a day so it's great you were able to get a replacement right away. Glad to hear you got some help with the lawn and garden. You deserve that. Hugs, Dan

Karen Anne said...

Did he think David knows how to fix a dryer?