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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back in the Standing Machine

The Easystand 5000
We went back to Rehab for the second PT session on Friday and it does seem like we are starting from scratch as they put Bob back into a standing machine, though this one is way cooler than the standing machine at the other rehab center.

This standing machine is called The Easystand 5000, but I tell you, it was no easy feat getting Bob into it as it took two therapists to lift him, plus everything had to be adjusted for Bob's long legs. But once he was strapped in it, and adjusted, it worked like a charm.

I must say, it's quite a clever contraption! As you can see by this demo video. Because of the way the knees and back of the legs are supported, it actually got Bob up to his normal height.

I remember when Bob was in the standing machine at the other facility and he was just sort of hanging on it.

In this standing machine, I was amazed how tall Bob was and how it actually helped him stand straight, shoulders even, spine straight, legs straight. He managed to stand for 8 minutes and it seemed he actually rather enjoyed it.

He kept looking around and saying, "Wow" and "Remember?"

I can't remember the last time I saw him standing straight and tall. Or the last time I looked up at him while standing. (I'm 5'4", he's 6'3", so I was always looking up!) But now when we walk at the railing at home, Bob is so slouched over that he is about my height.

The therapists also got him on the parallel bars, where he took a few shaky steps. But they spent most of the time working on weight bearing and stretching his legs.

A big problem Bob's having is his left (good) leg has a contracted hamstring muscle and he is having difficulty pulling that leg straight, so when he stands his knee is slightly bent....

The therapists also asked me if Bob had an AFO (ankle foot orthotic) or any kind of leg brace for his right leg and were surprised when I told him that he did not. I had asked the female therapist at the last Rehab facility about a leg brace but she told me that an orthotic or brace was "so expensive" that "you wouldn't be able to afford it" plus she didn't think it would help... This was the same therapist who I always felt just did not want to work with Bob and who I had asked to be replaced, to no avail. That was the same therapist who lied at Bob's last session and discharged him without even checking the notes of the other therapists.  Click here for gory details. Well, these new therapists seem to think some type of brace or AFO will help get him on his feet. And I'm beginning to wonder if he shouldn't have had something like that all along.

I guess everyone has a different opinion. But I am glad we are going to a different facility this time. I am beginning to wish we had gone to this rehab center the first time around, as all the therapists so far have been just terrific. Unfortunately, they don't offer speech therapy which is why we ended up at the other place, the first time.

And hey, they have a much cooler standing machine!


Anonymous said...

I like that standing machine. I'm going to suggest something like that where my wife was having her PT sessions. They use a sling/belt stand up machine that does seem to leave the patient hanging more than standing. Great to hear a lot of positives in this blog post. Hugs, Dan

Rebecca Dutton said...

This news is wonderful! I can relate to Bob's joy that he remembers what that movement feels like. I'm dying to know - was Bob able to lift his head up when he was in the standing machine?

Diane said...

Hi Rebecca, Bob was able to lift his head up, a little, when the therapist told him to look at himself in the mirror! Though he could not hold it up long...

Rebecca Dutton said...

Being able to make eye contact is hugh.

Jenn said...

Must've been an incredible feeling to stand so tall again! To feel blood move freely through the spine. Aaahhhhhh :-)