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Monday, February 11, 2013

Update: Bob in the Hospital

Took Bob to the ER today. He was in great pain. They admitted him for testing and possible gallbladder surgery tomorrow. The "polyp" on his gallbladder is the size of a "walnut", which is huge for such things. Big cancer scare, there. Met with the surgeon, who seems cool and knowledgeable and realizes the risks of another stroke.

It's been a long darn day.... just got home. Me? I'm a nervous wreck.

Prayers, everyone.



kdstentzel said...

Good luck, Mike and I are keeping our fingers crossed for both of you.

J.L. Murphey said...

Breathe, baby, breathe. You won't do Bob or yourself any good by being a nervous wreck. He's in good hands both the surgeon's and God's.

Look at it this way. If it is cancer, they are going to remove it.
If it's just a polyp, they are going to remove it.

Either way his pain will be resolved. Speaking of someone who has beaten cancer three times and dealing daily with a husband who is terminal with cancer for over ten years, you don't sweat the small stuff and remember it is all small stuff. Bob ain't dead yet. Don't borrow troubles!

It's hard letting go after being the primary caregiver for so long, but sometimes you have to.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,
Sorry to hear what Bob and you are going through, remember that a lot of people loves you and we are praying for both of you, some times we do not understand why things happen the way they do, but God knows, keep trusting him.


Grace Carpenter said...

oh Diane, it sounds scary. I'm thinking of you.

Rebecca Dutton said...

It is so hard to let go when a loved one is ill. Thank God my husband had a good cardiologist we both could trust. Don't feel guilty if you can get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Sending up lots of prayers for Bob and for you. I'll be worrying right along with you, but know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Dan

Anonymous said...

Diane - keep strong. But do take this time to sleep. You will need all the strength and energy in days to come. Thinking of you and sending good karma your way.
Luv ya

Jenn said...

I'm with JL Murphey. Breathe. Just breathe. Of course, if you breathe fast and hard, you may just pass out and get a good few minutes of sleep! (okay, poor attempt at humor). Lighting the healing candle and sending up and out all the prayers for skilled surgeons and staff - compassionate and caring towards you, too. Love you both. You will get through this. <3

Jenn said...

Of course healing and strength prayers for Bob and you. <3

barbpolan said...

Yes, yes, yes, you'll be able to get through this, too. Make sure you take care of yourself: sleep, food, hot showers.

Everyone is rooting for you.