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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Rant about Pain Management Rules & Regulations

Today was Bob's monthly scheduled appointment with Pain Management.  Until they called this morning and cancelled it.

The reason for the cancellation was that they have too many patients this week and have met their federal quota for dispensing narcotic scripts and therefore they are canceling appointments. 

And, of course, the only appointment available next week is at 9-freaking-45 a.m. on Monday. Which means I must get up at 4:00 a.m. in order to get the dog walked and myself and then Bob ready for a 9:00 a.m. transport ride.

And the home draw technician is due to arrive on Monday morning too.

And then he has a 2:00 Rehab appointment that afternoon. Bob is going to be worn out after that long day. Not to mention, me too.

And we can't wait until the next week, because then Bob will be out of pain medication. Because, you know, the federal government prohibits refills on these prescriptions.

And they prohibit the doctor from calling the prescription to a pharmacy.

So you have to go in person to see the doctor to get the handwritten prescription. Once at the pharmacy, the pharmacist must contact the doctor's office to verify this is, indeed, a real prescription. Even if it's the exact same prescription you've been picking up at the exact same pharmacy for two years now....

Oh, and then pharmacist has to check your ID. Even when she recognizes you on sight and already knows your name.

Because that's Big Brother watching you and telling doctors and pharmacists what they can and can not do.

And since the War on Drugs against narcotic pain medication has been launched, I haven't seen one damn statistic that it has done anything to curtail abuse....

I tell you, these government rules are nothing but a huge pain in the ass for legit pain patients like Bob.

And I'm done ranting now.

(Even though I haven't even mentioned the twice yearly, government required, urine tests!)

That's all I'm saying.


oc1dean said...

Come on Diane, We need millions of ranters out there. Maybe then somebody will listen to our intellectual knowledge.

barbpolan said...

Rant? It's not a rant unless there are swear words in it. I've got some favorites.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I'm afraid once the Affordable Health Care Act comes into play next year, it's only going to get worse, the paperwork more extensive and the cost more expensive. Send your "rant" to your congressmen and senators, state and federal. As so many laws go, the intent is good, but the written law is hugely flawed.

Prayers and hugs, Dan