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Monday, July 1, 2013


This is not the title of another depressing post. This is the title of Bob's latest drawing. And what do you see?? Look closely. Enjoy!



J.L. Murphey said...

It's all interconnected and in clusters just like all worries are.

I tried looking at the design individual points and from a distance, but it all gets lost in the shuffle of images. Some aspects are people,animals,and nature.

Viewing from top down- all the worries filter down to seven basic answers. From the bottom up- seven basic problems feed into each other at various levels forming chaos.

Anonymous said...

Legs with feet! Worries?? The upcoming surgery on his feet? Lots of prayers and hugs for you both, as always. Dan

Jenn said...

"I AM THAT I AM" - Peter Tosh (musician)

This is by far the crispest drawing post stroke. Very, VERY nice.

Anonymous said...

I see it differently. In the lower right corner it looks like the balance point of two stilts. Going up,the stilts are very wobbly. Then they reach the cone-shaped body with a hatted head. Looks to me like a circus balancing act. Or that Bob is balancing all his worries with a bit of humor.

Grace Carpenter said...

I see many things, but I see something that looks like a daisy almost in the center. Beautiful.Is it for sale?!