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Friday, August 30, 2013

Preparing for Another Surgery (I hope)

Bob's second foot surgery was scheduled for August 26, but was canceled by the foot surgeon as the pre-op tests picked up a urinary tract infection. This after the primary care doctor gave the "go ahead" for the surgery. The primary care doctor didn't think a UTI was reason to cancel surgery, but the foot surgeon nixed the whole idea. Bob's been on antibiotics since and I just collected another urine sample for the lab yesterday.

Now, this surgery is scheduled for next week, September 6th. If the urine sample comes out clean...

Trouble is, we won't know if the urine sample is clean until the lab results come back and that takes 72 hours. And we are approaching a weekend and a holiday.

And I'm supposed to take him off warfarin five days in advance. Then start the Lovenox shots again. Which would all start on Sunday.

When I talked to the nurse at the doctor's office about this dilemma, her suggestion was to reschedule the surgery, again.

Which I don't want to do. I want this surgery done and over with. I want Bob "back to normal" and free of pain as soon as possible.

Bob's foot, between surgeries. Three straight toes, two still curled.

So I talked to the lab tech and he suggested I call his office on Sunday morning, leave a message with the answering service which will contact him, and then he'll call the lab and get the results for me.

Let's pray this all works. Let's pray that sample is "clean". Because I'm at my wit's end.

I can't even begin to explain how trying this blasted foot problem has been.  How stressful the days and nights have been for me. How much pain Bob is in. How every single day, the morning starts off with Bob complaining and crying about that foot and the pain seems to worsen as the day goes on. And I am constantly applying ice or adjusting pillows or giving extra pain meds. How this problem has wrecked all the good things he was accomplishing in therapy. And how weak he's become because of that. How everytime we see a doctor, any doctor, Bob begs and pleads for them to "chop it off" and when they say they cannot chop his foot off, he starts crying, shaking all over and saying "pain, pain, pain" over and over and over. How those scenes bring me to tears. How some days, Bob refuses even to get out of bed because the pain is so great. And this has been going on for months now...

And I am tired. Very tired of it all. And just want the whole thing over with.

I tell you, if we don't get this surgery soon, I'll be the one wielding the axe.... and not to chop off Bob's foot, but aimed toward a certain doctor's neck!


Anonymous said...

I can feel and know that frustration you are experiencing. It's tough enough just to be a 24/7 caregiver, but the added burdens with Bob you are dealing with has to be overwhelming in so many ways. The added stress of knowing daily, how much pain and suffering Bob is experiencing has to be unbearable. I too would do all possible to get the surgery done with no further delays for Bob.

At the same time, I have some concern about you and the high pressure and stresses you have had to deal with for so long. At some point you need to find a way to get a day or two of respite for some serious "me time" before you have a major breakdown. You know this too.

You and Bob are in my prayers. Hugs, Dan

Barb Polan said...

Hey Diane, way to keep your sense of humor through this foot saga. I agree with Dan that you need some respite. Of course that's easy for me - up north in Boston - to say, when I can't offer the help myself.

I know that you've probably gotten lots of advice about this, but could there be a volunteer at the senior center or hospital who'd be able to give you even a tiny break? Maybe during a nap?

J.L. Murphey said...

What would be a comment from with "breathe, Diane, breathe." Grinning. I know both you and Bob are in pain. You've both pretty well have worn yourselves and each other frazzled.

It will all be a memory soon. The lab tech is right. While it may take 24 hours or longer for some tests to come back, but they can notify you. Praying it works.

BTW I believe your foot doctor was right. In high risk patients any infection prolongs recovery time even when they are on antibiotics. Bob has enough problems. He does need a systemic infection too. Not all types of bacteria are killed in the 24 hr window. But taking an axe to doctors...count me in.

Barb Polan said...

Diane and Jo, I'm all for non-violence, but I can think of a better place for that ax. The doc's a guy, right?

Rebecca Dutton said...

Bob's toes look really painful. I will keep you and Bob in my prayers. I wish I could make September 6th come faster.

Grace Carpenter said...

I'm thinking about you and Bob. It sound so hard.

Is there any group that does peer support for stroke survivors? Some do house calls. Bob is in terrible pain, but sometimes a new friend/contact/support can at least ease the sense of isolation.

There's a big aphasia group in Boston--both survivors and caregivers are welcome. Let me know if I can help with finding a group around your area that might provide emotional support.

DebbieL said...

Diane, Big hugs, my friend! You know we can relate to everything you both are dealing with. Know that you are in my thoughts. Hoping you get good results from the lab and I hope the surgery goes off without a hitch. Lots of love, Debbie

normae said...

so sorry you and he have to go through all this.