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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back on His Feet!

It's been six months since I took Bob out of Outpatient Rehab because of his foot problem. And six months since he has actually stood up or walked on the parallel bars.  In fact, six months without any formal exercise at all. The pins from the last foot surgery were removed on Tuesday and the foot surgeon gave the OK to do some weight bearing exercises.

Of course, Bob did not want to do this, as he still insists his foot "hurts".

The pain in his toes is baffling both the foot surgeon and the pain management doc. The foot surgeon says "it should be feeling better by now" and suggests maybe Bob's got some kind of nerve pain going on. The pain management doctor thinks that Bob is "fixated" on the pain, that because of his brain damage, he has "nothing else to occupy his mind" and therefore becomes "fixed" on his foot and the pain sensation which only makes it worse....
Bob & PT, first time on his feet in six months!           

I don't know which doctor is right. But I figured, it was time to try to get him back on his feet.

"Tucking in his tush"
So I made a deal with Bob. I told him that I would drop my idea about checking him into the hospital for inpatient therapy (he absolutely does not want to do this) IF he can get up on his own two feet here at home. And he agreed to try.

Yesterday, the PT was here and I rolled Bob into the hallway by the rail. When Bob realized where we were headed, he said, "NO WAY!" and I had to stop and remind him of our deal.

Then he said, "I'll try." But I could tell he was not really into it.

Then, lo and behold,  he managed to stand up on the first try!

Both the PT and I were very impressed, because we both thought he would not do so well. I mean, it has been over six months!

The PT said, she really didn't have to help him up. "It was all Bob!" Though she did have to help him "tuck in his tush", so he wouldn't fall backward into the chair...

If looks could kill... but he did it!

Of course, he refused to try to take a step. But he did do a sit-to-stand three times!

Although he was not a happy camper and complained all through it. Which lead the PT to remark, "Well, Bob, you certainly are speaking better today!"

All in all, I am one proud wife!


Linda said...

That is remarkable! Go Bob!

Barb Polan said...

I would think that sit-to-stands would hurt more than taking a step. Amazing that he could THREE times. Kudos once again for both you and Bob toughing it out!

J.L. Murphey said...

Yayyyyyyy! Three times, I can remember doing it only once before I couldn't do it again. Ya gotta love the baby conquests!

DebbieL said...

Hooray for Bob! And hooray for you for continuing to push for his recovery! I know it isn't easy.

You aren't just a proud wife -- you are a dang good one!

big hugs, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Yiiipppeee Bob ! You go boy !!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to add my name.......Patricia :-)

Sally said...

Yes! Go Bob go!
My husband Sam has TBI since April 2012 and I understand how you feel right now.
Every additional inch of movement calls for a celebration.

Hugs from Sally

Theresa Loder said...

Wow Bob...and Diane...this is a crying celebrating event...
wow...I remember when Rick was there after 6 months in 4 hospitals and an LTAC and nursing home...when he stood up for the first time with help everyone cried...
there Rick was in his hospitall gown ( the back end opened) standing and everyone peeking in and crying...I remember it well..

So proud of both of you Diane...hooray for you guys...

Makes my heart sing

Take care

Anonymous said...

OH WOW....Fantastic for both of you.
After 6 months being sedentary, it's amazing he could pull himself up and stand 3 times with little assistance.
Keep pushing him, even though he doesn't like it. No answer here for continuing foot pain. I do wonder if it's psychosomatic because he's had it for so long over the past....similar to the pain felt by an amputee after an arm or leg has been removed.

Hugs and prayers to both of you.

Jenn said...

What is the effectiveness of the Botox so far on the areas that received the injections?

Diane said...

Oh my, Jenn, Botox has not done much so far, though maybe a little. Hard to tell. Doctor wants to try a series, thinks a series of shots will be better. Bob goes in again on the 15th for a second treatment... and we will see.