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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Scary Couple of Days...

...with the cat. Ten days into the antibiotic treatment, Zenith developed diarrhea, then began vomiting copious amounts. Then she stopped eating... And me -- worried sick.

Yesterday, the vet arrived again and gave her two shots. One to stop the vomiting. The other: an antibiotic shot, as I had to take her off the oral antibiotic which was causing her to have diarrhea/vomiting/nausea.

Two days without eating. Then finally, today, I coaxed her into eating a bit of tuna with some probiotic powder in it.

So add these worries on top of the usual stuff, plus add the fact that one of Bob's doctors wanted to admit him into a hospital (more on that later!) my plate has been fuller than normal.

Good news is Zenith is using the litter box again.

So fingers crossed....


J.L. Murphey said...

I hate suggesting this...I think it's time to decide what to do with Zenith. You can't keep pouring resources into her while your resources are so limited. Which is the kinder thing to do...put her down or keeping her suffering changing this or that treatment. I know she is your baby, but there has to be a limit, honey.

Mike Furr said...

Zenith is going to be okay and somehow the resources will be there to see that happens. I've read this blog and it has never been about giving up and I can't imagine it ever will be. It's about commitment, integrity and love... for every living being in that pink house. We can all learn from it.
We are all here for you Diane and it's going to be okay..

Diane said...

Oh my, Jo. No, no, no. The vet thinks she had a UTI and now a bad reaction to the antibiotic. She's only 7 years old, she's got a lot of life still in her. Today, she ate a whole plate of tuna!!! Unfortunately, she is still acting sick, lethargic, etc. and wont touch regular cat food but my hopes are up after the tuna. And I keep praying. And BTW the vet only charged cost for the shots, not the visit and threw in some probiotics for free. She is sweet!

And thanks, Mike. I appreciate it.

Jenn said...

First...J.L., WHAAT?? That was a rather insensitive comment. This is a living being here that is incredibly important to Bob's well being! I can imagine the sting Diane must have felt reading the comment. Please be more thoughtful.

D - You guys! Holy moly! So glad Zenith is getting better - yes, scary indeed. Thank God you've a compassionate, wonderful vet! I wonder, have you asked about keeping Z off all dry food from now on? Please do if not. Share the Dr. Becker/Mercola site with her if you can (or feel comfortable doing so) - I'd be interested in her thoughts.

Jenn said...

The doctor wanting to admit Bob, is it the same one as before? (blog from this year, I forget the date).
Sending much love and light to you all <3

Barb Polan said...

Hi Diane, I'm so happy to hear that Zenith is improving. As for her not eating … a cat is a cat is a cat. We've never had a cat who didn't make us jump through hoops to find what she was willing to eat.

I am pleased that you have found that vet - it seems to me that what she's doing for you and Zenith must be why she became a vet anyway, so I'm sure she's happy to do it. She's got quite a halo - I can see it from here.

And I can see what Jo's saying - you have an awful lot on your plate, and all of us want you to take care of yourself too.

Diane said...

Jenn, I do feed her wet food, have been doing that for a few months after she started throwing up the dry food. Siamese, I am told, are sensitive cats... though I leave out dry food in case they are hungry during the day.

Good news is that Zenith was up and begging for breakfast this morning, and mowed down 3/4 can of tuna today, plus was begging for scraps when I made my sandwich tonight!!!! So Yay!!!! Now lets just hope she will continue to use that litter box!!!

And thank you everyone for your support. I've always loved animals and always have taken it to my heart as a total commitment when I've adopted an animal. It is upsetting to me when people think pets are disposable -- to me it's a serious commitment, to care for them for the rest of their lives...

Yeah, but add the stress of a sick pet on top of stroke stress and all other financial/medical worries -- it is hard. But still, Zenith, Boomer and Ripley give BoB and I so much comfort, no one can put a price on that.

J.L. Murphey said...

Very glad to hear Zenith is improving! A whole can of tuna, huh. Well on the way to recovery. I'm ecstatic to hear it.

For those that raked me over the coals for my comment...Sometimes hard choices have to be made. No matter how much we love our pets (family members), we don't want to prolong their suffering just to keep them with us.

Mike Furr said...

I agree that tough choices need to be made all the time. What we do, where we go, and what we say. It's hard at times no doubt. Everyone has a line in the sand and that line is different for everyone. The troubling thing for me was how quickly you thought Diane should get to that line. I like where Diane has that line and I imagine everyone in the Pink House like's where that line is also.

Enough of this banter!

How's Bob?

Jenn said...

***Cheers Mike! *** :)

Julia said...

Jo - I was horrified by your comment. How would you feel if someone made a comment like that about your husband? Maybe YOU should stop pouring money into his care. Or perhaps I should say WE since I bet the American taxpayer is footing most of the bill for his care. Diane - if the litter box problem recurs, Dr. Elsey's litter worked amazingly for us. It's pricey though, so if you need help just ask. Anything to keep Zenith happy and healthy so she can support Bob.