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Monday, May 12, 2014

Evil Lawyers

There's an old joke that goes like this:

Q:  What's the difference between a catfish and a lawyer?
A:  One is a scum-sucking bottom-feeder and the other--- is a fish.

And it appears we are dealing with this type of lawyers. I say "lawyers" as The Defense has not one, not two, but a team of eleven (count 'em!) lawyers working against our case.

Imagine my surprise, when I received The Defense's full-blown "Witness List", in which they have listed 357 witnesses. (357??!!) My god, how long is this trial going to take? 

Plus, I don't recognize 90% of these names....

But that wasn't the shocking part, the shocking part is that #8 on their witness list is my ex-husband. Yes! my ex-husband!! who I divorced in 1989 and haven't seen since 1988 when he skipped town with some floozy and moved across the country. Not to mention the death threats to me before he left. I was scared shitless of him. And WTF does he got to do with anything????????

And if that isn't bad enough, #9 on the list is Bob's ex-wife, who I'm sure will have nothing good to say about him at all--and poor Bob can't even speak up to defend himself.

Good grief. What the heck does this ancient history have to do with the fact that The Hospital hired incompetent nurses???? Except that they are trying their damnedest to smear us.

Plus, just got word, I'm being pulled in for yet another deposition. GA!!!!

And I have more to say about this, much more crap going on, but not enough time to tell you about it.  I admit I am stressed over this-- actually had some scary moments i.e. heart beating too hard, feeling like throwing up, thought I was having a heart attack, jeepers, scary, it's just major stress --- but they are not going to wear me down, they are only pissing me off!-- and, right now, Bob needs his catheter changed and I have got to go. 

Stay tuned for Evil Lawyers Part II, and don't miss "Idiot Doctors".

aargh, this lawsuit has turned into a circus.


Jenn said...

I'm so sorry this lawsuit has turned into a Cecil B. DeMille, MGM Grand production! Sounds to me they're goin' after character. Or what ever wicked manipulation.
Stay strong, meditation will be one of your bet allies to endure this ridiculous fodder!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the list provided, the defense will only call a few of those names. The high number listed is to add more work load on your lawyer forcing his hand to research the names.

If you have any concerns about any of this, you need to talk to your lawyer about it. He should explain to you how the proceedings work, and what to expect, rather than leaving you in limbo to worry and stress out over it all. As I've said before....Trust your lawyer!! Remember, he can cross examine any and all defense "witnesses" and have his own list of experts too.

As always, many hugs & prayers, Dan

J.L. Murphey said...

Lawsuits are always a circus. The exspouses are called to discredit y'all, but don't sweat it. Half of their witness list won't be called. Most is background depos.

Stay the course and are in the right.

Mike Furr said...

Dan's right let your attorney carry the load of worry. Maybe put down the depositions for a bit and pick up something fun to read instead. Even picking up your pen and doing some writing, like you have here, to vent some of these anxieties would be good. I know you have it in you! Worrying about what's been said and who said it won't change anything but your own health, mentally and physically. Try not to let all this smoke and mirrors the defense is creating affect what's really important, yourself and Bob. Easy for me to say I know but being filled with worry and anger is no place to be. That I know....

Barb Polan said...

Maybe the rest of the witnesses have no relevance either; please don't let your worries badger you. Imagine, instead, what Bob's life will be like after you two win the case, which you will, given how desperate the lawyers for the defense seem to be.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane

Kathy S here from Wi checking in ..... so good to see you among the living,even if all is not well. Been checking old friends out lately.... google searches.... Marilyn librarian from Lutheran Hospital where I used to work.... DEAD..... Sun I googled Max from LA I guy I wrote to for several years.... DEAD ... my heart is still aching over that one. He died on Laurie B birthday Aug 15, 2012.... Laurie.... DEAD...

So glad I didn't find you dead too!

Anonymous said...

Diane, You really need to talk to your lawyer and ask him all these questions. Be careful of what you write out here too as they can use social media against you too. Just a word of caution. I think you have a great book right here. You should start to write a novel of this, this would be a best seller, but don't get it published until the trial is over, which may take some time. Hospitals always have a team of lawyers that handle things like this. Don't that bother you, if you lawyer is not afraid then you should not either.