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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Idiot Doctors

Idiot Doctor #1

Evil Attorney: When you last saw this patient, was he using a power wheelchair?

Idiot Doctor: Yes. He has a power scooter.

EA: Do you know the make and model of his power scooter?

ID: No, I don't recall. But it has a joystick. He controls it with a joystick.

EA: So, he's pretty independent, then, getting around on his power scooter?

ID: Oh yes, he was zipping around all over the office!

Me (reading this) thinking: power scooter? POWER SCOOTER????  WHAT POWER SCOOTER???? THERE IS NO FREAKING POWER SCOOTER!!!! This idiot has Bob confused with some other patient. And Bob zipping around the office????? What???!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! It's me pushing that wheelchair and do I look like a freaking power scooter???? GAAA!!!!

Idiot Doctor #2

EA: Prior to the stroke, did your patient need assistance with dressing?

ID: Yes.

EA: Bathing?

ID: Yes.

EA: Toileting?

ID: Yes.

EA: Feeding?

ID: Yes.

EA: Transferring?

ID: Yes

EA: So, he pretty much needed assistance with everything.

ID: Yes.

Me (reading this) thinking: SHE SAID "PRIOR TO" PRIOR TO!!! you idiot! NOT AFTERWARDS!!!!  Because Bob could do all those things before the stroke!  GA!!!!!!!!!

And that's just two examples of doctors being idiots. Sadly, there's more of these idiots. Sadly, they are videotaping these idiots to play to the jury....  grrrrrr

Sadly, I will never look at any doctor the same way again. To think, I actually liked/trusted both of these doctors....

If anyone wonders why I show up at the trial completely bald, it's because I've been tearing out my hair out here!

And yes, I do trust our attorney, who pretty much laughs at these exchanges. But jeepers! I am losing sleep at night.


Barb Polan said...

Remember in the movie, "All Dogs Go to Heaven," when the head bad guy looks around and screams, "I'm surrounded by incompetents!"? YOU, Diane, are surrounded by incompetents (altho your lawyer may be an exception.

Mike Furr said...

I'll be the bad guy for the moment. Just because they're wrong doesn't make them idiots. Maybe they're wrong on purpose. Maybe that's why your attorney laughs about these depositions. They haven't been wrong all the time or Bob might not be here. I'm not defending anyone here because "wrong" isn't a place a person should be either. I'll just encourage you again to step back from it a bit and let the anger settle some. Take care of yourself because you'll need all that energy your spending on worry. The truth will be told at some point, you'll have your day. It's going to be okay...

PS: I don't have any obit's to report :)

Anonymous said...

I know it's so much easier said than done to stop the worrying, but that is what you need to do. The truth will come out in the trial as it progresses. There will be times before and during where it'll appear everything is going against you, but in the end, I'd be betting on you, Bob, and your lawyer. Even not being a lawyer, it would be so easy to prove those depositions you pointed out to be totally in- correct.

Hugs & prayers, Dan

Theresa Loder said...

So sorry you are going through this..
The truth will come out in the trial, no matter how many attorneys and witnesses the other side has..

I know because I was a juror on a big case..

It will be alright.. They are trying to break you down.. Keep the faith.. Truth will prevail..

Sending hugs

Jenn said...

Good advice people!
Diane! Okay, acknowledge the worry and stress, then watch as it passes like a big puffy cloud (okay, a big thunderhead). It's important to release the anxiety and not hold on to it. The mind becomes clearer. Oh f*** yeh, it takes work, but it's well worth it. And breathe, stop holding the breath! <3
Love you both!

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that these are their doctors not your doctors. They will say whatever to help the hospital. Just take a breather. Your lawyer will discredit this. Have faith and trust in your lawyer. It will be along road but it will get better.
Love you both, Sally