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Monday, May 19, 2014

Lawyers, Part II

Lately, I've noticed that Bob and I are getting rather frosty receptions from a few of Bob's doctors. I mean, we arrive for Bob's appointment and the doc is all business, no small talk, no "how are you today?" just acting creepily business-like... and I think I know why.

Our attorney's office has been, lately, inundated with calls from Bob's doctors, all of them wanting to know how to get The Defense attorneys off their backs. Seems The Defense is peppering their offices with multiple duplicate repeated supoenas for Bob's medical records. Unfortunately, we can't control The Defense, so there's nothing we can do to stop this. Bob's doctors are all now "lawyering up", and thus, not happy to see us arrive in the office. Which concerns me, and makes me wonder, am I going to have to find all new doctors for Bob when this is over? Will the medical care Bob receives suffer from all of this?

Personally, I got a call from the manager of the small medical supply company that fills Bob's monthly condom catheter order. The manager had received his fifth or sixth supoena for same records and he was up to his ears with this....

And remember the acute rehab hospital that Bob and I toured, but I nixed because they only provided group therapy? Well, that hospital has gotten four supoenas and, when told that Bob was never a patient at their facility so there are no records, The Defense threatened to sue them for "withholding information".

Not to mention, countless depositions (including mine) scheduled then canceled at the last minute.

OK, time to cue up the circus music... This is turning into a freak show. And, honest to God, I can't believe it.


Mike Furr said...

Of course I'll comment! :)
I think they have to many lawyer's on the defense team! Ego's and power can lead to chaos or maybe even freak shows. You can hear the music can't you? :)They must all agree on one thing, piss off everyone you two see, do business with and provide you services. Maybe they'll make it so difficult that you'll want to leave or give up! Little do they know huh! Everyone's nervous but it will be okay. It's going to be okay...

J.L. Murphey said...

This is the final desperate hour for them all.Defense is trying to cover all bases and the prosecution is searching for loop holes.

As for the businesses and doctors, it is never easy doing business with customers who are in the middle/nearing the end of a lawsuit, but it's all part of doing their business. Everyone is girdling their loins. It's the final hour. Soon it will all be over.

Hang in there.

Rebecca Dutton said...

I'm praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the doctors being a little cold because of the time and distraction the defense attorneys are causing them. It also may mean additional paperwork for them because they'll probably need to file a deposition for each visit Bob makes to them.

Try to be patient and understanding of Bob's doctors, and be glad they are still seeing him. If all else fails, let them know it'll all cease in a bit over a month. It appears the defense is getting desperate.

As always, you and Bob are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, Dan