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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Synchronicity or Coincidence?

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks with another busy week ahead. Lots of paperwork/legal documents to read and sign and ask questions about, on top of Bob's 4-6 sessions/week of therapy and the usual doctors' appointments/pharmacy runs and screwed up medical bills/insurance to deal with. My mind is reeling, and I tell you, sometimes I just can't think straight. And all this when we don't yet have a single dime from the settlement. I can only imagine how scatterbrained I will be when things really start to move!

This week, I'll be going back to look at a house on the market. This will the be the third look at it, and this time I'm meeting a contractor there. The one thing I love about this 1929 Colonial Revival is it has a great floor plan for wheelchair accessibility, i.e. single story with wide doors/archways, large rooms and a hallway twice as wide as ours. There is also a second bathroom which could be, I think, easily enlarged and modified for a wheelchair accessible tub. The main concern is that the property needs a lot of other work, I'm talking general repairs/paint/electrical/landscaping on top of any modifications for the wheelchair and so, I'm hoping to get a contractors "guesstimate" on how much it will cost to put the house back together before I even think about putting an offer out there.

This past week, I had a long talk with Bob (well, "talk" as best we can) about The Green Machine, and Bob agreed that we should probably sell her, as long she goes to a classic car enthusiast who will restore her to her former glory and give her a well deserved retirement, i.e. take her to parades and classic car shows.

The other day, there was a knock on our front door. At least I think there was a knock.  As I didn't hear a knock, in fact, Boomer didn't even hear a knock, it was Bob who alerted me to the fact someone was at the door. When I opened the door, there was a guy, about my age, with longish gray hair writing something on a business card, on our front porch.

I asked him if I could help him.

He said, "Oh, Hi! Is that your car for sale, back there?"

I'm thinking, huh? Because there is no "for sale" sign on our car. I tell him that it's not for sale, but also tell him I might be selling it in a few months. We talk about the car a bit and he gives me his card, tells me that the car would actually be for a friend who loves old Darts and has been looking for one to restore. Then he tells me that he buys old houses, restores them and rents them out, and mentions a couple of houses that  he owns nearby on a street I'm well familiar with and the type of work he does. How strange, I tell him that we may be selling this house in the near future too. He shakes my hand, tells me to keep his card and call him when the time comes, as he's interested in buying both our car and our house!

I tell you, is that weird or what?

And what's even weirder, is this is the third time, this month, that someone has approached me about buying our car....


Jenn said...

Be sure to check out the sanitary drainage in the homes you're looking into. I wonder if the lawsuit settlement was publicized in a legal section of the newspaper? Nothing is as confidential as we think. Take care and stay thoughtful on your decisions...don't let ANYONE rush you.

Anonymous said...

It appears you won't have to worry about selling the Dart when the time comes. I too hope it sells to someone that wants to restore it.

Be sure to have a good qualified home inspector check any house you seriously want to place a bid on. Though somewhat expensive, a good home inspector could potentially save you thousands of dollars and allows further negotiation on any offer.

Wishing you the best in your house search, and as always, lots of hugs and prayers for you both.


J.L. Murphey said...

Angels are circling. God hears all prayers even when they aren't exactly prayers. I believe that God hears what is in your heart better than spoken words.

If this particular house is so run down, why not search for another one? Or are you in love with the house and see the possibilities that you don't have the time to do? Colonial Revival, huh. Nice period but it ain't your Craftsman. Are you going to paint it pink and is it on a corner?

You know I'm just over the moon for you two. About time something good happened to nice folks!

Rebecca Dutton said...

I agree with Joann. You deserve a rest not a fixer-upper.

Diane said...

Jo, I would paint it pink! Unfortunately it's not on a corner... and I have physically looked at about 20 houses and virtually (online) gone through, I don't know, 100! This one suits us best, so far!

J.L. Murphey said...

Only 100? Maybe 200. You want the best for you and Bob in the future. I know, how difficult this can be. We looked (physically) at about 50 houses before purchasing this one. Steps were a major issue when searching for me.

Instead of searching on your own call a relator and have her do the research. Tell them exactly what you want. The fact that you are paying cash for it is a fantastic bargaining chip in price negotiations. I put 50% down on mine in cash. The realty company was falling all over themselves to help me.