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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

Well, the settlement is getting ready for "disbursement", and ducks are getting into rows, etc. Last week, our attorney paid off over $30,000 in unpaid/defaulted medical bills and credit cards (which were basically charged up with medical bills) and not having that hanging over our heads is a big relief. I can, perhaps soon, answer the phone again!

This week, the attorney sent me a small check to cover a few current expenses and buy a few needed things... the first thing I bought was this:

Mop, $27.99

Yes, a mop! As I am certainly tired of getting down on my hands and knees to clean the floors.  The second thing I bought was this:

Can Opener, $9.99

 Yes, a can opener, as mine is being held together with duct tape. People have been asking me, "what's the first thing you're going buy?" and so, there you have the answer. A mop and a can opener! And believe me, it was nice to just buy something we need and not worry about having enough money for it. So, to celebrate, I also bought this third thing:

Frozen Pizza, $4.19
Which is something I never splurge on, but I wanted to celebrate our new found financial security. Unfortunately, the pizza wasn't that great...

Then I thought, all those goodies are for me and not Bob, so the fourth thing I bought was for Bob:

2012 Toyota Sienna XLE wheelchair van with side ramp, 8890 miles, $47,900.00

Of course, I didn't actually write a check for that, I just signed the paperwork and the money is coming from the attorney's trust fund where it's waiting to be transferred to the special needs trust fund. And I really tried to dicker that price down, without luck, but the dealer finally threw us some freebies to sweeten the deal -- which are: 1) a free extended factory warranty on parts and labor for seven years and 2) free E-Z lock for locking Bob's wheelchair in the van. We will be able to pick it up next Friday!!

After that, I decided to buy the real deal, and ordered this:

$11.00 with coupon + delivery & tip

But, of course, I can't eat all that myself (and Bob doesn't eat) so I shared it with our "boys":

Ripley & Boomer, Pizza Party!

 Zenith was invited to our "pizza party" but she wasn't interested....

Tick tock.

Tick tock.

Things are about to change here at The Pink House on the Corner....


Lynne C. said...

That's great about the van! I can imagine how nice it would be to buy simple things like a mop and can opener without having to worry about it. Though I'm not sure if Pizza Hut pizza is any better than DiGiorno, lol. Enjoy the idea of finally having some $$ to cover what you need.

oc1dean said...

This is great Diane, finally easing your life a bit.

Grace Carpenter said...

I am so, so happy that things will be a tiny bit easier for you. You really, REALLY deserve it.

J.L. Murphey said...

Nothing is better than a new mop and a can opener that works! I've been drooling over a mop like that instead of the rag mop and bucket I have now since my stroke. I bought a battery operated, hands free one a few months ago. It sure beats the hand-chin- mouth maneuver I was doing with my electric one. Keep in mind it's been 2 years since my stroke.

The van is worth every penny. I know mine is. Call your local Toyota dealer and you might even finagle a free oil change and car wash free for life (ownership). It is pretty much standard with all Toyota purchases.

Feels good to breathe again, doesn't it Diane.

Theresa Loder said...

All great news
We are so happy for you and Bob..
Love and hugs

Theresa and Rick

Anonymous said...

So happy for you and Bob as you can now purchase those much needed items that have been put off for so long.

I'm one that doesn't enjoy DiGiorno's pizza either, but do love Pizza Hut pan pizza's. I bet the family critters really loved the treat.

I think you did good with that van purchase, especially with the extended warranty. I know you'll be extremely happy with that van.

Enjoy that financial freedom but take it slow.

Hugs, Dan

Don Wood said...

LOL I love the mop I am in a wheelchair and we had vinyl tiles laid (stuck)on the floor, sweeping it is fine but it need a good scrubb and heather does it on her hands and knees. Our nexr buy will be a steam cleaner. I am pleased you are getting stuff sorted I dont really know how to explain how I ended up here but the world wide web is a strange beast. Love your cat and dog. Hope all goes well. Don

Don Wood said...

Just remembered how I ended up here. a comment you left on another stroke victims blog in 2012
I went back through my open tabs XXX Don
PS I have a tin opener like that

Rebecca Dutton said...

I know how much my modified car means to me so I am thrilled about you getting the modified van. Have you sold the Green Machine yet?

Anonymous said...

I am happy for you. Now you can feel some peace and not have to worry about what to buy and what not to. The van looks really nice, you will get use to driving it and Bob will get use to being in the front too. I am really happy for both of you.
Love you both Sal