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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Busy Busy

Last week was a pretty busy week here at The Pink House on the Corner. First, Bob was approved for four more weeks of therapy, and believe it or not, I think we finally found the right PT who understands the need for Bob to continue therapy if only for "maintenance"! The PT actually said that "with Bob no progress is progress" otherwise he will backslide.  Hmmm... isn't that exactly what I've been saying for four years now??? ST is still going very well.

All week, we were pushing toward a tentative closing date on the new house, which was originally scheduled for Thursday but the bank (who owned the property) kept stalling, and ultimately closing was rescheduled for Friday....

On Thursday, we met with a new contractor at the new house. My plan was to take Bob with me and, with help, pull him backward up the steps into the house. But after I got him loaded up and strapped in the Bobmobile, the darn van wouldn't start!!! (dead battery) GRRR!!! So I had to unload him, pull him back into the house, back into bed and jump in The Green Machine to meet the contractors. I tell you, I was harried....

On Friday, we closed on the new house! The closing took three hours because of a contractor's lien still on the title and we had to get that cleared up.  The closing was bittersweet. Owning and moving into a new house is both scary and exciting, and I am, at the same time, happy but sad to leave our beloved bungalow....  and very very busy, with starting to pack and organize (it's going to take forever, me alone! ga!) and all the normal caring for Bob stuff.


Jenn said...

Go baby go!!! Congrats on the new home. :)

oc1dean said...

The new house should be nice. Congratulations Diane and Bob.

J.L. Murphey said...

Congrats on the new home! I know leaving the pink house will be bittersweet, so many memories, hopes and dreams are in it. Starting over is never easy.

As far as maintenance goes with Bob, is he not standing with assistance? Is that not progress? Is his balance better?

It's the small stuff that counts. My therapist reached 1 of 6 goals with me this week that's after 8 weeks of therapy. It was only 3" inches better than before.
Lots of love, and prayers for strength coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on closing on the new home and the purchase. I'm excited for you and Bob and the future you will have in your new home.

One thing about discover you have lots of things you really don't need, but also many items with so many memories to go with them. It's often tough to decide what to toss & what to keep.

So good to hear Bob has a therapist that understands the significance of maintaining his current physical abilities.

As always, hugs & prayers for you both.


Barb Polan said...

Congratulations! That house sale moved right along on the fast track. Wonderful.

As for packing, if there are bulky things we have only a sentimental attachment to, but don'r use/need, we take a digital pic in case we ever want a trip down memory lane.

My husband has been clearing out our house for the past 5 years - he was scared when I had the stroke that he'd be suddenly overwhelmed by having to empty the house. Or he'd be gone and I'd have to. We have closets that are totally empty, with plaster patched and freshly painted.

Theresa Loder said...

Hi Diane and Bob
Sounds like you are very busy. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and so happy you closed on your new home..

It will take time to get settled in and moved but so much better for both of you.

We had a busy month in September.. Lots of things broke down .. You know how that is.. So repair people coming in etc .. The good news is Rick finally got his first Power Chair.. He is so excited.. It does so much and gives him more freedom.. It's been seven years , so I think he deserves one..
We are learning how to use it slowly but I think he has the hang of it.. It made my heart sing when I saw him going down the road to try it out.. It also lays all the way back , so he can take the pressure off his back if he wants...

We will be celebrating his 74th birthday This Sunday and it's going to be a good one..

Sending prayers and positive thoughts for you and Bob for strength in this moving challenge..