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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Diarrhea, Pneumonia and Other Fun Things...

Things have been chaotic here, not only trying to buy a house (inspection on Thursday pointed out some other problems i.e. roof, hvac and we have more contractors giving bids and I have until Thursday to decide to go ahead or not) but meanwhile, Bob is cold/clammy/sweating and coughing a very wet cough, plus blood pressure a bit high, and chronic diarrhea -- but no fever.

And we had to run (quite literally) out of two therapy appointments and one doctor's appointment because diarrhea was leaking down the wheelchair..... GA!

And have you ever tried to change a Depends filled with diarrhea on an immobile, 6'3" guy who can't stand up, heck, can't even breach up his butt while sitting in a wheelchair?? Doesn't work so well. I know -- I tried last week and ended up with poop on my arms, hands, shirt and even in my hair! and I still didn't succeed....

Later that night, I could still smell it and found poop smears on my wrist watch.... aaaargh!

So, Friday, off to the primary care doctor who thinks it might be pneumonia and wants a chest x-ray and I'm saying, what? on Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.? Before a holiday weekend? When I have to leave there and run to the bank because the seller (bank) who owns the house we have an offer on will not accept a check for escrow but wants a bank wire transfer before Monday --- grrr.... So doctor decides to just put Bob on antibiotics and see what happens -- at least this is what I understand, until Tuesday when I get a call from an "imaging center" wanting to schedule Bob for a chest x-ray after he's been on antibiotics now for four days -- huh? Which I declined... as what's the purpose of that??? Anyhoo, Bob seems better but is really tired, but has stopped the coughing, though is still sweaty but then, hell, I'm sweaty -- it is still summer here in Florida...

Speech therapy is going well, but the ST is giving Bob harder and harder problems to work on, trying to get him to say spontaneous sentences etc.  and at one point Bob was in tears as he couldn't think of the words... but still, ST says Bob is "graduating" and saying more and more words!

PT not so well, especially since last two sessions interrupted with diarrhea...

But Bob did get the go-ahead for four more weeks for both therapies...  Yay!

Meanwhile, I took Bob to Best Buy to look for a new computer --- our computer is OLD, do you remember the E-Mac shaped like an big egg??? Was popular around 2003??? Looks like this:
Well, that's what we got and I tell you, it's been on it's last legs for a long long time. In fact, I can no longer access popular sites like YouTube as the E-Mac software is no longer supported. (And that explains why no new videos of Bob speaking!)  Well, went there with Bob and got a new computer (Bob pointing to the one he said was "nice!" though, I don't know, seems the monitor is a bit big for me, but he was always the computer geek of the family, so I let him make that decision) now, I'm trying to set this whole thing up and transfer all my files over, which is, to say the least, not as easy as it sounds, but I am getting there and am trying figure out how this new system works....

Add to this, the usual stuff (laundry, bed baths, dressing, catheter changes, lifting, etc) and add pharmacy screw ups and insurance not paying for things, and still glitches in setting up the trust fund and many phone calls trying to get everything figured out -- plus I've been trying to get ready for a move and so spent a day cleaning out one closet and threw out some stuff only to find myself up at midnight digging through the dumpster retrieving the stuff I threw away, because ga! It's hard to throw away stuff, especially Bob's stuff... and I don't know, I should be happy now but I am truly stressed and really overwhelmed and not doing so well, right now... And yeah, I should sell The Green Machine! I am truly overwhelmed, and just want to crawl in bed and hide under the covers....

So this blog has been quiet --  as things have been really horribly chaotic here at the Pink House on the Corner....


J.L. Murphey said...

Diarrhea is never fun and games especially with diapers. My grands were nice enough to pass on a stomach virus to us. Was changing diapers for both of us. I haven't tried changing one while in a wheelchair yet and don't plan to.

The x-ray would prove the antibiotic was working.

Hugs, honey.

SSTattler said...

I hope you’ve got the iMac !!
/John A.

Theresa Loder said...

Just yikes Diane
So sorry .. Prayers for you both.. So glad you had the home inspected.. Never know what's underneath everything..
I hope things are calmer for you this coming week..
I hope when you get into your new home you can have more home visits for doctors etc.. Lot less chance of both of you catching some bug going around..

Glad you got a new computer .. You will enjoy it when you get everything figured out on it:)

I forgot and I know I must have asked before but isn't Bob disabled per social security .. And if so they should have contacted you about him going on Medicare after Two years have passed..
Then you could get him on Mobile Physician Services
And most appointments are done at home..

My sister is in the same boat with her husband ,
He has been disabled over Two years and still is not on Medicare . She called for a phone consult with Medicare..

I'm just mentioning this again because it has helped us so much and they are expanding into other counties .. Maybe they will be taking other insurances soon.

I will let you know if I hear anything

Take care

Anonymous said...

Diane, do you really need to sell the green machine? Can you keep it? It means so much for you and Bob.
Hope you guys have a better week and Bob gets better. Glad you got a new computer, we want to watch videos of Bob in his ST.

Anonymous said...

I remember those "dirty duties" when my wife was in such bad health. It's probably the worst part of caregiving.
I really feel for you.

I know you haven't said anything about "outside" care since the settlement, but can't you now hire someone to assist you in Bob's care, house work, laundry, cooking, etc. instead of doing it all yourself. I was hoping that was one of the big positives about having the settlement. More relief from your shoulders.

Glad you were able to update your computer with a new one.

Take care of yourself too. Hugs & prayers to you both. Dan

Diane said...

John, it is definitely an IMac! Bob would have nothing but a Mac.

Yadira, I have debated keeping The Green Machine, but am thinking she needs a good home, someone who will restore her and take her to classic car shows, something we can no longer do... I go back and forth on this!

Dan, one thing at a time! LOL I did talk with the trustee about this and she is going to give me some names.... right now, with therapy 2 times weekly and so much else to do, I don't know when I'd fit a caregiver in our schedule!

John Lightner said...

We fixed the Green Machine, fixing the new house, new chair for Bob...........

How about some maintenance on the Super Caregiver???

A helping hand every now and then would go a long way