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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Breakthrough At Speech Therapy!

Well, he finally did it! On Wednesday, Bob was able to come up with a full, complete, grammatically correct sentence to describe a photo!!!!

This task (describing a photo with a sentence) has been a challenge for Bob and the ST has been running him through photo after photo for over a month now. Bob struggles so, trying to find the words, it's really heartbreaking to watch. He usually can come up with a noun, sometimes even the correct noun (ha!) but he seems at a loss on how to construct a complete sentence. You know, with verbs and conjunctions and modifiers and whatnot.

So on Wednesday, when the ST showed Bob a photograph of a girl riding a horse, Bob actually said, without prompting of any sort: 

"The little girl is riding a horse."

well, actually, it was more like this:

"The little girl..... is.... riding.... a horse."

I tell you, both the ST and I jumped to our feet and applauded him!  I mean this is BIG. No, actually it's a HUGE step for Bob in the right direction. I mean, really, he actually said "The little girl is riding a horse."  All I can say, is WOW!!!

Meanwhile, things have been hectic here for me, so I am sorry if this blog has been quiet. Between trying to get started on packing our things, I've met with contractors several times, also with a medical equipment consultant regarding a lift device for the bathroom (I am trying to decide whether a ceiling lift or portable lift would be better), and I am also trying to sell The Green Machine (took pics and posted it on craigslist, which was hard, to say the least) then, in the midst of all this the darn Bobmobile had to go into the shop as its fog lights would not (no matter what I tried) turn off  and were constantly draining the battery. When I took the van up to the auto shop, they could not fit me in (even though I had made an appointment) so I had to spend near all of last week connecting and disconnecting the battery every time I parked the van or started the van.  grrrrr  Finally, that's fixed, it was a short in a circuit.... 

Then Friday, our dear friend Chris was hit by a car while crossing the road in her power wheelchair!  Thank goodness, she's OK, just banged up a bit, but her power chair was totaled and I'm now trying to find her a new/used/free-or-cheap replacement....

And add the usual stuff, and you know, never a dull moment here at The Pink House.


Anonymous said...

When I read the beginning about Bob's saying a complete sentence describing a picture, I had to wipe a tear of happiness out of my eye. Such wonderful news and progress. I hope and pray that progress continues for you both.

Too late now, but you probably could have pulled a fuse to eliminate the fog light problem until fixed. Something to remember if there's a "next time".

Take care of yourself. Lots of hugs and prayers for you both. Dan

Diane said...

Thanks, Dan, but when I went in for our service appointment and they couldn't fit us, they tried to pull the fuse but found the fuse ran not only the fog lights but also the headlights and brake lights -- so we couldn't pull it. Grr, newer vehicles are all to complicated....

BTW, the picture of the girl riding the horse was on that I-Pad! :D

J.L. Murphey said...

Diane, Doing the Snoopy dance of happiness for both of you about Bob's sentence.

Pulling a fuse in and out would have been easier than disconnecting the battery. But glad you got it fixed. Electrical shorts are the hair puller for any mechanic. Our Sienna has the check-engine light on. Twice I've paid to have it put on their machine and not have them diagnose the problem to fix.

As far as packing up to move, there's only so much you can pack in advance because you still have to live there.

Hugs and prayers honey.

Stephany in Iowa said...

SO happy to read today's blog. We just got back from a trip that I was afraid might be too much...and he said it took too much out of him, after we got home.

However...his speech has improved, from having to talk to new people on the trip. Since we arrived home, he has, several times, made spontaneous comments, out of the blue, about surroundings! I know we are only a little over a year out from the stroke, but every little step forward means a lot.

We hope to hear more of yours.

Barb Polan said...

Wonderful! OOPs, I meant: It's wonderful that Bob was able to put together a complete sentence.

Theresa Loder said...

I am so happy to hear Bob was able to put that sentence together .. Hooray for Bob!

Sorry you were having problems with the van .. Glad it's fixed..

Packing is always a challenge .. So much to do in addition to packing..

You might check the Disability Acheivement Center out of Largo for a power chair for your friend..
So glad she is ok .. They don't charge anything

727-539-7550. Ext 227

Will keep in touch
Rick finally got his power chair .. It's great

Jenn said...

Stupendous! Bust out the bubbly and celebrate complete sentences!!!! Bob, you're amazing - what you can do!!!!
Keep up the incredible breakthroughs!

Green Machine - does Bubba have any interested parties he may know?

Big healing hug goes out to Chris. OMG.