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Friday, January 30, 2015

Just a quick note --

So no one thinks I died!

I am up to my ears in packing boxes here and the new house, which was supposed to be completed next Monday is waaaaay behind schedule, and the guy who is buying our house is itching to get in here, but agreed to postpone closing for another week. So we will need to move before the 26th of Feb.

I took this week "off" meaning NO doctors, therapy, etc. so I could have time to pack and I'm still not anywhere near done.  Seems impossible to get in a whole day of packing in and also taking care of Bob.

On the upside, the new house is looking good!

On the downside, the contractor keeps finding more and more "unexpected" things I have to pay for and I feel as if I am bleeding money here. And I still need to get bids on painting etc....

I tell you, I am tearing my hair out. Stressed to the max. Prone to crying jags and inappropriate laughing. And I am losing sleep at night with worry about how much over budget this project is going...

BUT, taking it day by day....

And oh, on a lighter note, did I tell you our pizza delivery guy got robbed?

I kid you not, last week I ordered a pizza for Boomer and myself and the pizza never made it to the door. Someone approached the delivery guy who had parked in front of our house and said "That's my pizza, I ordered it." And when the delivery guy handed him the pizza box, the pizza thief grabbed it and ran down the street without paying!

Oh-kay. That's a first.

On the upside, however, Papa Johns sent us a new pizza for no charge.


Jenn said...

You've gone mad, I tell ya...MAAAADDDD!!!! lol
Okay, maybe not so funny. After reading your crying jaggs into laughter - I just see a crazy, mad woman with her hair frizzed out like a Tesla experiment!
Your poor pizza man, accosted by a robber with a severe case of the munchies!!! Hope he wasn't hurt.
....and now...inhale, exhale, again, again...ooops, ya passed you can rest. LOLOL <3

Anonymous said...

I can sure understand the worry, the stress, and the difficult work you are doing. I hope you can get some help in the move and packing boxes. You shouldn't have to do it all on your own. Sending you lots of prayers & hugs.


J.L. Murphey said...

Can you hire someone to care for Bob or pack for you? It would give you a break. Personally I hate packing and moving.

I decided when I do move again, I'll pack what means the most to me and essentials,and then have an estate sale before putting my house on the market. I'll then hire a painter, carpenter, and redo the floors.

As far as the contractor goes, of course he'll find more to be fixed. It's money in his pocket. At some point your going to have to ask yourself, will it impact our lives in the next 5 or 10 years and call a halt to redoing. Otherwise you will run short of funds. Although you have not disclosed the amount you got, it's not unlimited.