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Monday, February 2, 2015


So Happy February! The month of the big move and it starts with a BANG!

The oh-so-nice-guy buyer of our house who "totally understands" that we may not be able to move right away as our new house is under renovation and Bob cannot be moved into a motel room, etc. -- suddenly changes his mind and wants (no, DEMANDS to) to take possession of our house on Feb. 16th because he has already leased our house to somebody beginning on March 1.

This when I was planning on moving maybe around the Feb. 26th.

Of course, I flipped when I heard this news. Because the new house seems nowhere near done and I am nowhere near packed and I certainly can't get out of here this fast with a paralyzed guy on my hands!

My poor realtor, bless her soul, got an earful, I tell you.

And phone calls flying back and forth, between realtors and me and our contractor, but yesterday, a "deal" was reached with our contractor swearing the inside of the house will be ready on the 13th (though they may be still working outside) so we can move in that weekend of the 14th-15th, and my realtor (bless her soul again!) will help me with some packing and (double bless her soul!!) she's actually hiring and paying for a moving company to move us on that weekend so we'll get over there quick.

So the countdown begins.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a "double bless her heart" to that realtor. So good to hear you'll have some serious help in your move. Praying your contractor will have the interior work completed as promised.

Lots of hugs & prayers,

Theresa Loder said...

Oh Diane
Yikes! I feel for you both.. Your realtor sounds like a great person.. I will be praying things go as smooth as possible..
Take care