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Thursday, February 19, 2015

We are Here!

And living in a construction zone...

Amid boxes of stuff and I can't find freaking anything!

Our new ramp and porch (still waiting for a roof)
We moved in without the washer and dryer hooked up (yikes!) and with hot water and plumbing issues and electrical issues and I still have a dresser (with all my clothes in it!) and desk stuck in the garage, and painting that hasn't been completed (inside) and so many other things not finished, too numerous to mention ---  jeepers

But we are here! We made it! Not without a lot of tears and stress, but fortunately with the help of a few good friends (including my wonderful realtor) and two, rather disappointing, beer-drinking moving guys...  And don't even get me started on those beer-drinking moving guys who just tossed everything willy-nilly, broke my kitchen table and left a bunch of stuff at the old house which I had to go back and retrieve and didn't even bother to put Bob's hospital bed back together (not to mention left a trail of crushed beer cans in their wake)--- grrrr....

But we made it. And thank goodness for my realtor, Tiffany and her friend, and Jenny (Bob's former nurse) and her friend who helped! Couldn't have done it without them.

Bob made a triumphant entrance to his new house on his new power chair! YAHOO!


Rebecca Dutton said...

Holy cow! I am saying a prayer for you.

Anonymous said...

Yiippee ! Good for you :-) Bob looks happy going into his beautiful new home . You all deserve to celebrate !

Hugs, Patricia

Anonymous said...

With all the stress and problems, you still made it to your new home. Even in the best of circumstances, moving is a major headache. This too, you and Bob will overcome and succeed with as time goes by. As always, you are in my prayers and thoughts.

Hugs & prayers,

Barb Polan said...

"Yahoo!!"is right. We (my husband, his brother, his wife, and our son) just moved my mother-in-law; we returned home (7-hour drive) last night, and it was really difficult, but we're finished. She has some boxes to unpack, but everything was organized by room and arranged as she planned. It feels such a relief for all of us to finally finish a project that took so long to decide about, pick a place, and get it all moved to. Now she's working on getting to know her new neighbors. Congratulations to you and Bob on your long, hard moving journey.

Rebecca Dutton said...

I am so glad that friends helped you during this stressful time.

J.L. Murphey said...

It may be a mess, things may have been broken, and you may not be able to find anything, but half the stress of moving is gone. Now you just have to put your new house in order and settle in.

I know both of you are relieved. Personally, I hate moving!