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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

On The Mend

Late yesterday, they moved Bob from ICU to a regular room -- a sign that he is on the mend. I'm told he will probably have to stay in the hospital the rest of the week for IV antibiotics. I hope to spring him by the weekend, fingers crossed!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I wish I could take the time to rest, but spending days at the hospital is not relaxing. Yesterday, when I came into his room in the morning, he stretched his good arm out to me and cried out "Miss You!!!" and "Help!!"

I arrive in the a.m. and stay past 6:00. The house is lonely without Bob. Ripley has taken over his hospital bed, waiting for Bob's return.

Last night, I called Bob's room to say "good night" and he didn't want to hang up the phone. Kept saying "miss you" and "go home". I tell you, my heart goes out to him...

Meanwhile, I crashed the new van into a phone pole. GA!!! Add that to my list of stuff to take care of once this hospitalization is through!


Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath.....slow down just a bit, and have a great day. Continued prayers for both of you.

Hugs & prayers, Dan

Anonymous said...

Wow Diane, I am not sure where you get your strength from. Hugs and prayers going to you. Trudy

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Bob is making such a quick turnaround. But I do think that having an accident with the van might be an indication that you need to take care of yourself with rest and time off. Can you hire someone to assist with household duties and caretaking one or two days a week. You won't be of any help to Bob if you end up in a hospital.

Anonymous said...

Just saw on our Careliving site about Bob. Sending my prayers for a full recovery !

Hugs, Patricia

P.S. Don't worry about the van , it'll get fixed.

Anonymous said...

Glad to read this "On the mend" update!
I agree, it's hard to get any rest in the hospital.. I "sleep" in a recliner when my hubby is in. This last time, on the 3rd day I realized I hadn't even taken my socks and shoes off! So not like me, and a big
It did provide a welcome laugh for the 2 of us, tho.
Praying things continue on the upswing for you both.

Rebecca Dutton said...

I agree with anonymous. You cannot take care of Bob if you end up in the hospital because you are ill or injured. Hopefully Bob will be home soon where he feels safe.

Barb Polan said...

Good news. I pray he continues to improve.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered a Life Alert for your home? If for some reason you can't reach the phone while assisting Bob, help can be summoned. You were able to call an ambulance for Bob, but unfortunately he can't do the same for you.